Monday, November 2, 2015

Ortiz Family Halloween 2015

I originally wanted to post this Halloween night, but...La Reina was pooped! Was it the walking around all day? Was it the hanging out with the neighbors? Was it the time change?

I dunno...BUT! I'm awake now and ready to share!

First off I will say that there wasn't any trick or treating we participated in this year. Before you say AWW... Sofia did get a buttload of candy. How so? From our church's annual Fall Fest! I figured she'd get more candy that she could ever need so I nixed our annual walk down the dark streets of our neighborhood.

We started getting ready around 11 am and boy was Sofia excited. She was Skye from Paw Patrol. A last minute decision from our little princess as she didn't exactly want to pick out an costume. It was Disney's Princess Sofia which she picked first and then being the awesome mom that I am, I noticed this jewel of a costume hiding in the back. Needless to say...she wasn't going to be her animated namesake this time around.

As for myself...I remembered that I had a costume I wore for our last talent show that was 70s themed so I just dressed myself up in that. I was pretty proud of myself; I haven't worn a costume for Halloween in a long time. Maybe I should get back into it. It's still pretty fun!

My mom was a volunteer for the fall fest so she had to be there early. We got there and walked around while people set up. I have to give my church some HUGE credit; they really turnt up despite how rainy it's been this week.

We were able to let Sofia get on some bounce houses before it opened and she had a blast! Last year she really didn't get on a lot of them, but she overcame her fear I guess and got right in there. Proud mama that I was, I shot some photos of her just jumping away in happiness.

I also noticed that I had to explain what Paw Patrol was to everybody who asked who she was. #preschoolermom  I didn't even know if there were any other kids that were wearing what she had on either, but then...

One of the ladies we sit by at church had her son dressed as Paw Patrol's Marshall. I was so excited to see that so I had to get a photo right away!

He was an adorable little dalmatian

His sister was pretty adorable herself

We played some games and then went to the other area where the bigger bounce houses were. That's where my mom was stationed at candy scramble. Sofia had a good time in that one too.

and hay! There's me! You know...just so you know who was snapping the photos.

After we saw my mom, our neighbors across the street, Vanessa and Josh came by and so we just walked around finding stuff that Sofia wanted to do. She decided to do palm tree climbing. Yep, my little daredevil. I was so proud of her even though she really didn't get all the way up to the top. But I'm happy she thought she could. That's always a great attitude to have!

We got a ride home from Vanessa and Josh because my mom had to help break down stuff. Then when Juan got home we went back to the neighbors house to hang out and watch movies. We watched The Purge: Anarchy and let me tell you...that's a creepy movie. Not even because of all of the violence but because of the whole purge situation. The way it works in there just disgusted me. If you haven't seen in it then you need to check it out cause I'm not giving away spoilers.

So there you have it! Our awesome Halloween without any creepy houses or trick or treating. But it all worked out with some costume fun and lots of love.

How were your Halloweens? Full of sweet candy I bet!

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  1. Sofia looked adorable! Great photos of you as well - loved your outfit!


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