Sunday, November 8, 2015

Four Down || Forever To Go!

As all of you who follow me know...this man in the photo beside me is the love of my life. He is my sun and my stars and the one who I would say "I do" to all over again. We just got back from a staycation away from home to celebrate our anniversary.

I am so thrilled to have a man who after four years of marriage is trying his best to make me happy. We don't have much in the department of spending money which is nothing new in life; people struggle. But when we were talking about plans for the upcoming occasion, I told my husband to surprise me. The reason being that I always would think of something or we would just go and eat dinner. He agreed and I didn't hear anything about it anymore until Friday which was when he had the day off. He told me that he had reserved a room for two nights over the weekend for us.

WOOT! 10 points for El Rey!

Stoked was my feeling for serious. We got packed up and after quickly dropping off La Princesa, made our way to our hotel.

Was it the best hotel ever? Negative. Even Juan was disappointed because it wasn't what he expected. But after we saw the room we decided to go and eat dinner at IHOP cause nothing says happiness like some warm French Toast, Eggs, Hash browns and bacon. The hubs had a chicken fried steak meal. After that we went to the room to have some intimacy and to sleep really....really good.

The next day after a warm breakfast we lounged around in the most comfortable bed ever before deciding to get up and spend the day together. We started off at Yogurtland and had some really tasty frozen yogurt (mine was a mix of red velvet, pumpkin pie and birthday cake and Juan's was Mango)

Trinity Park was the next place we decided to go. We usually go there and sit on our favorite bench in front of the river to just hang out and chat. Today wasn't any different  and we just relaxed until the cold wind prompted us to get moving back to the truck.

Even though we were spending time together, it was Chapito's birthday party today so we had to take a little time to the side to go and have some family fun!

Here is a photo of the birthday boy.

Cutest little vaquero ever!

We didn't stay at the party as long as we usually do cause we wanted to spend some more time together. Well...we spent time together...sleeping. I mean there must have been a sleeping aid in the sheets or something!

Fast forward to today: We spent another morning relaxing and eating breakfast before checking out of the hotel and getting the little princess. I missed her a lot but it was a great time with my husband and brought us back to the days when we were starting to date.

Forever is what I plan to be with this man of mine and I can only hope I'm making him feel the same exact way.

Today I'm thankful for: The fact that the Lord kept our valuables and our truck protected while we were staying at the hotel.


  1. Sounds perfect! Sleep, food, and quality time are the perfect mix! And the birthday boy it too cute in his little outfit!

  2. I am very happy for you Brittney. You and Juan deserve it. Many more to come only up from here.

  3. What a nice and relaxing anniversary!

  4. Happy anniversary!!! Sounds like a great one to me! :)


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