Saturday, November 14, 2015

Family Member Profile || Ruben

Name: Ruben (He doesn't have a middle name)
Birthdate: November 12, 1992
Relation: Brother-In-Law

Occupation: Distributor of Beer

Likes: Pizza, burgers, dinosaurs, baseball, beer, the color green or the color black, football and TV

Dislikes: Slow drivers, spinach, nopales, raisins, mineral water

Something Ruben Accomplished: Got married to his high school sweetheart

It's fuzzy when I think about the time that Juan and I got together in 2009. But one thing that stands out really clear is the first time I met Ruben. It was the first time I had ever been to Juan's family home and I was excited to meet anybody in his family. I had met the WHOLE family on New Years Eve, but I hadn't really met the parents or brothers yet. The first person I got to see? Ruben. I remember just hitting it off with Ru from square one. He just seemed like an awesome person to hang out with. After sitting at the table with him, I soon had him cracking up from jokes and vice versa. That's just Ruben. Trying to brighten things around him.

He accepted me from day one and I never forgot that. Still haven't even when I don't see him half as much as I used to. He works so hard to support his growing family that consists of Bianca, his new wife and his dog, Ezra. But when I do see him, he's always there to give me a hug in greeting.

Another thing: Ruben is the only one in that family to ever tell me that he loves me. He has a huge spot in my heart for that very reason. I really see him as if he were my own brother.

If you know Ruben like his family and I do, then you know that Ruben LOVES dinosaurs. It makes me wonder if Ruben had the choice would he be just like Ross on Friends, giving facts about each dino and knowing where one lived and ate. I think it's awesome that he loved them. Makes him different from others.

He loves being a tio to la princesa. He was there when she was born and has been in the majority of her life for the past three years. She's still getting used to him because she's more used to my other brother in law but she still has love for him.

If there is one true thing I know and love about Ruben is the fact that he has so much love for his wife Bianca. They were high school sweethearts; dating a year before Juan and I did so it's been so awesome seeing them grow in love and finally tying the knot. They complete each other and everybody can see it.

This guy has a heart of gold and if anybody can't see it...they have to be seriously blind. I'm proud to have him as a brother in law and I hope the feeling is likewise!

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