Sunday, November 1, 2015

El Rey || A Random Hubby Survey

A couple of months ago in summer I found this survey done by one of my high school friends wife. I loved it and copied down the questions. It's November and in a couple of days will be our 4th anniversary. Say it with me...4 years married. Dios Mio! I'm pretty proud of my hubby and I making it this far.

1. What is something your husband always says to you?
Que Pasa

2. What makes your husband happy?

3. What makes your husband sad
Child abuse stories of any kind

4. How does your husband make you laugh?
When he tickles me or when he makes a good joke

5. What was your husband like as a child?
Quiet and to himself

6. How old is your husband?

7. How tall is your husband

8. What is your husband's favorite thing to do?
Play baseball, watch baseball, play Call of Duty and sleep

9. What does your husband do when you're not around?
Sleep or watch TV. Sometimes goes to see his familia

10. If your husband becomes famous, what will it be for?
Playing professional baseball

11. What is your husband good at?
Baseball (sounds like a broken record right?), being a good father, helping fix up things with his dad and grilling

12. What is your husband not good at?
Being social-he's very quiet and sometimes a loner.

13. What does your husband do for a living?
Transporter for a lab

14. What is your husband's favorite food?

15. What does your husband do that makes you proud of him?
He is an excellent father and really just an all around good compassionate guy ready to help anyone in need.

16. If your husband was a character, who would he be?
Ricky Ricardo-for serious.

17. What do you and your husband like to do together?
Go and see movies and eat popcorn with jalapenos

18. how are you and your husband the same?
We play video games

19. How are you and your husband different?
We were raised in different cultures so we believe and do different things

20. How do you know your husband loves you?
If he doesn't tell me, I know because he checks in on me while he's at work.

21. What does your husband love most about you?
My lips

22. Where is your husband's favorite place to go?
To sleep!

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