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Writer's Wednesday || Take Two Faves (Spring/Summer 11-15)

My Favorite Parts of Take Two and Call Me in the Morning: Spring 11 and Summer 12-15

Chapter 11

The door opened and Hikaru appeared with a huge smile that disappeared in shock as he saw that the woman in front of him wasn’t Aija. Aija crept closer for a better chance of hearing.

“Nicole…what…what are you doing here?” He asked incredulously. He was not expecting to see his old sex partner.

“Wow…you are alive, Hikaru. That’s just peachy to see.” Nicole said to him, with a bright smile.

Hikaru frowned, still astounded. “How…how did you even know where I lived?” The woman came a bit closer to him and he backed up, his eyes looking side to side for Aija; he knew she was due to come.

“Well, I might have followed you home once or twice from where you work. It’s not fair that you always came to my house, Hikaru.” Nicole explained. Hikaru frowned intensely at her words, crossing his arms.

“You know that was just sex, Nicole. You’re violating my privacy like this.”

“I know it was for only sex…I just came over for a fix.”


His mind slowed to a crawl as Nicole then opened her coat slowly, revealing her pink bra and panties underneath it. Panic doused him like a bucket full of water and to make matters even worse, when he looked up, he saw Aija’s surprised face as she walked a bit forward towards his condo, holding Karma.

“Oh, Kami…” He breathed out, wondering how the hell he got into this situation.

Nicole smiled putting her hands on her bare hips, brown eyes shimmering gleefully as if she had accomplished something. “Well? Are you going to let me in?”

“Fix this!” His mind yelled, finally starting to work again. He glanced at Aija who was standing quietly; waiting to see what he did next with an aggravated look. He looked down at Nicole then and said in a no nonsense voice that he was used to, “Actually no, I’m not going to let you in. I have a prior engagement.”

It was now Nicole’s turn to be stunned. “What do you mean prior engagement?”

Hikaru shook his head; he remembered how dunce she could be sometimes. “I mean I had other plans with somebody else. Cover yourself before someone sees you.”

Realizing that he was indeed serious and he wasn’t letting her in, Nicole quickly covered and tied her coat back up. “Plans? With who?” She asked, her voice almost cracking with emotion.

“Um…that would be me.” A voice called out.

Nicole looked back to see Aija walking towards the two with Karma in one arm. She had finally seen enough and decided she wasn’t going to let some woman ruin her plans. Before she could go into Hikaru’s house however, she felt a hand on her wrist.

“Whoa, wait a minute! Who are you?!” Nicole asked in surprise, having whipped out and grabbing Aija.

Hikaru looked like he couldn’t take anymore shock, but before he could stop Nicole, Aija handed Karma over to him with a determined flash in her eyes. He let the dog go in his house and watched as Aija turned and smiled at Nicole sweetly. Her voice was low and absolute.

“Honey…I’m going to say this as pleasantly and as ladylike as possible. If you don’t get your hand off of me, I’m going to beat you back to the street corner you came from.”

Getting the feeling that Aija didn’t make idle threats, the woman released her wrist and Aija promptly walked into the condo.

Chapter 12

“All right, let me get this straight.” Aija looked up from her smoothie at Shae who looked like she was about to run right to the newspaper publisher with the information she had just received. “You and Hikaru are going out?”


“Hikaru Mizuno. The doctor we work for?”

Aija grimaced, swallowing the fruit drink down her throat. “Yes.” She was hoping that wouldn’t be too much of an issue.

“Stone faced, too good to talk to Hikaru is your boyfriend?”

Boyfriend was a strong word. “Well…we’re dating.” She assured.

Shae cracked up, her head falling back against her chair. “Oh my God, Aija! Since when? Oh! Since the night we played spin the bottle? Cause you know, that kiss was really hot.”

Aija thought back. Yeah, things had progressed from that night, but it had started way before that and before she knew it, Aija was telling Shae all about the first night in the office.

“Aija, you little whore!” Shae playfully shot out. Aija blushed and she smiled up at the waitress that brought her food, thanking her. “I swear that I’m not as much of a whore as you think…well, I take that back. Now we pretty much have sex every other day.”

“Every other day?!” Shae was beside herself. “You must get sore!”

Aija laughed soft, amused that Shae was wondering so much about her sex life.

Chapter 13
 Aija sighed and turned, signaling irritation from her tight stance and pursed lips. Her arms were crossed tightly over her body. “You want to know? Fine. We’ve been talking for what almost a month now? I’m kind of feeling like my feelings are neglected.”

Hikaru’s eyes nearly bugged out of his head in surprise.

“Neglected? What the hell are you talking about, Aija? In what way? I see you almost every night. I kiss on you and care for you so I’m really not understanding what you mean!”

Aija sighed, already through with the conversation. Dinner was going to be eaten out at this moment in time. She walked out of the kitchen, pushing a bit into Hikaru to get by. “Just forget it.”

His hand gripped her wrist and he turned her around to face him. “Let go of me!” Aija yelled out pulling against him. “No, not until you talk to me about this.” He tried to pull her body into his for an embrace, but she pushed him away.

“What are we?!”

Hikaru froze, his facial features unmoving as if he was hit by Medusa’s stare. Aija kept the questions coming.

“Do you even know?!”

Hikaru found that his voice worked still. “Aija…”


Speechless…there was nothing that could come from Hikaru’s mouth then. She had put him on the spot. He just stared at her helplessly because he couldn’t tell her. He couldn’t lie to her.

Aija’s head drooped and her shoulders slumped as she got her answers. Her hand raised up to point at her door.

“Get out…” Her voice was shallow and monotone.

Hikaru shook his head; he didn’t want to leave her like this. He wanted to fix this somehow. Everything inside of his body screamed to protect her but his mind didn’t know how to. He came closer to her, wanting to hold her.

Aija’s eyes glittered then dangerously and she pushed him back gently. “Get the hell out of my house!”

His blood suddenly rushing hot with anger and arousal at the changed woman in front of him, Hikaru glowered at her for a split second and then rushed forward so fast that she barely even had a chance to gasp. He put her hands behind her back with one hand and he pulled up against her body, pressing his cock into her. Both of them let out hard breaths and Aija glared up at him. Her body shuddered against him with suppressed rage. She didn’t like how he held her and she struggled against him. “Get out…just…get the hell out.” She gritted out.

Chapter 14
 Aija nearly swooned at the action, wondering how he could constantly floor her with hotness. “How did you know?” She asked then.

Hikaru gave a chuckle. “Aija, you have always been quite the moaner. I could hear you outside your door.”

“Oh, my Lord.” She gasped out, heat rising all over her face.

Hikaru smiled wide, whispering. “I knew that was you moaning too the day after I fucked you for the first time in my office.”

More humiliation flooded Aija’s body. At the time she didn’t know he lived across the hall.

“That’s not at all embarrassing.” She mumbled, sarcasm lacing her voice.

Hikaru kept his wide smile, taking amusement in her discomfort. But then his face changed into a small frown. Aija froze slight at the change.

“I’m disappointed in you though.”


Hikaru backed up from Aija, leaning against her wall with crossed arms. “You can’t even wait for me to come home, Koi? You have to take care of your horniness by yourself?”

Aija started to look away with shame, but then popped her head up saying, “I have the right. It’s my body.”

Hikaru’s gaze lingered on her jeans which Aija realized earlier that she had left unbuttoned. His jaw tightened and his eyes glittered dangerous sparks of desire. “That’s true. But you share it with me.”

Aija was speechless. Breathless was more like it. She was unable to tear away from his gaze as she felt her inner muscles clench hard with want. “Yes.” she whispered in agreement.

Pushing off of the wall, Hikaru walked up to the young woman, staring back down at her. His nearness was so tantalizing to her senses and she nearly moaned out how eager she was.

His thumb rubbed over her plump bottom lip as he asked her, “You feel like sharing now?”

She only had one answer to that. “Sharing is caring, Dr. Mizuno.”

Her clothes were now somehow on the floor and Aija found herself being pushed back toward her chair near the window, kissing Hikaru’s soft lips.

Chapter 15
“I see you two are on the way out.” Aija noted as she bend down to take her purse out from the cabinet under her desk.

Hikaru tried not to think too much about how many times he had bent her over naked there over the times as Asami moved her hair back from her shoulder.

“Yes! It’s time for me to nitpick more on my brother and his life. It’s long overdue.”

Aija and Asami laughed. “I hear you.” Aija then gave Hikaru a look of pity. “Well, good luck with that, Dr. Mizuno.”

“I’ll need it, Miss Edwards.” Hikaru chuckled out in agreement. He then realized that Aija would be alone for lunch. They usually snuck to lunch together. “What are you doing for lunch?”

Aija looked surprised that he was asking her. “I didn’t really have plans. Shae left with Dr. Dunn a few minutes ago so I missed that ride.” At Hikaru and Asami’s concerned looks, she gave them reassurance. “I’ll just find something in the break room.” She stood up and sighed happily. She didn’t seem to be bothered with the idea.

But Hikaru and Asami were as they looked at each other and agreeing on the same decision, nodded. Asami turned back to Aija, cocking her head. “Aija, would you like to join us? I’ve just got this feeling that you are a fountain of information.”

Aija had widened eyes. “Really? You’re ok with that?”

She looked to Hikaru to see if he agreed with Asami in her tagging along. She knew that Hikaru liked to have his space from time to time and she didn’t want to invade on his time with his sister.

But Hikaru’s eyes spoke volumes on what he thought about the situation. They were staring Aija straight into her soul. “I’d like that a lot. Get your stuff though cause we’re already late.” Aija grabbed her purse with excitement all over her face and ran to the two siblings who smiled wide. Asami put her own purse on her shoulder, excited as well to eat.

“You have any ideas of good places to eat, Aija?”

Aija thought about it and named one, “Maybe Loulay? They have some great eats, I hear.”

“Sounds great to me!”

Asami watched as Hikaru ushered Aija out of the office area, his hand landing right on the small of her back almost possessive like. She then looked up to see the frown of confusion on her father’s face as they exited.

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