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Writer's Wednesday || Take Two Faves (Spring 6-10)

My Favorite Parts of Take Two and Call Me in the Morning: Spring Chapters 6-10

Time for another round of my favorite areas in each chapter! Enjoy!

Chapter 6

Aija hurried to the club at the arranged time and now waited for the other two. She put her purse over her shoulder, noting how the crystals on it reflected her gold sequin tube dress in just the right way.

Her phone rang for the second time that night and she picked up. “Hello?”

“What you doin?” This time it was her best friend and she smiled, “Waiting.”

“Waiting? Waiting for what?”

“I’m at the Q Club waiting for my co-worker to show up.” Aija answered, looking around for Shae.

There was a silence and then Aija heard Nakya smack her lips before saying in a snooty voice, “I guess you couldn’t be bothered to invite a sista. Here I am just being bored off my ass and you’re out partying.”

Aija rolled her eyes; Kya could be such a drama queen sometimes. “I was invited, Nakya.”


Aija’s eyes spotted Shae coming with a young woman behind her and said, “So you don’t just invite yourself to something, Boo.”

“Who says?”

“Etiquette.” Aija said simply.

“Don’t be acting like you better than me, Aija. You came from the same broken down ghetto I came from.” Nakya snapped.

“Don’t remind me. Was there anything else you wanted?”

“Nah. I’m straight. I’ll just find something to do with Teanna instead.” Not feeling in high spirits as it was, Aija held in her anger at those words and said, “You do that and when you feel like you want to call me again, feel free.”

Before Nakya could get another word in, Aija hung up her phone and put in her purse before waving the two ladies over. Shae ran up to Aija and gave her a hug. “Hey, hun!” Aija smiled, “Hey, girl!” Shae brought her cousin up and introduced them. “This is my cousin, Mara. Marabelle, this is my co-worker, Aija.” Aija and Mara shook hands and Aija asked Shae, “You ready for some fun?”

“I guess so! This is my first time going out!” Aija looked at Mara in surprise and Mara nodded with an exasperated look. Then Aija motioned toward the doors. “Well then, come on! Let’s see what this place has to offer.” The girls all headed inside.

Chapter 7

Aija laughed as she spun the bottle, but her heart nearly stopped as it landed on the man who had turned her life upside down.

Hikaru looked at the bottle pointing at him and then over at Aija before smiling and crooking a finger for her to come closer. “Go on, girl…get your kiss.” Marabelle told her with a giggle as Drew made more kissy lips. Chris chuckled as well, holding Shae close to him. “You know you want some of that.” He replied, smiling. Aija sighed still staring in Hikaru’s eyes. If they only knew.

The two crawled up to each other and Aija could have sworn that the room heated up in that one moment. Hikaru kept his hungry eyes on Aija’s lips and licked his own getting ready for them to touch hers. Aija kept staring into his gaze and she trembled realizing that this was their first time kissing. Her eyes closed as their lips finally touched. The connection of the two awakened every fiber of Hikaru’s being and he lingered there for a bit. Then as if his body was a whole separated entity, he took Aija’s face into his hands and tickled the corner of her mouth with his tongue.

Aija’s sharp intake of breath was audible to everybody and as she opened her mouth, Hikaru took over the kiss, deepening it and using his tongue to explore her sweetness. Aija was paralyzed by the intense temperature of this one kiss and as he moved to one side to taste her more, she moaned deeply.

If this was what heaven felt like…she was now a permanent resident.

Chapter 8
Hikaru ran a hand over his hair. “Let’s start with this then. What made you tell Andrew that I was your boyfriend?” Aija’s heart nearly stopped. She wasn’t expecting him to ask that and her face exploded in heat. But instead of acting like a teenager, she took a deep breath.

“I told you why, Hikaru. You were in my mind at the time.”

“Why was that?”

“Because…you turned me down.”

Hikaru frowned. “What are you talking about? I never turned you down for anything, Aija.”

Aija turned back around- now he already forgot what he had turned down. Pain threatened to radiate from her heart but she kept it under lock. “Last Friday, I asked you to join me to go get drinks after I told you no to sex. You turned me down.”

Hikaru suddenly remembered what she was talking about and he looked down. “In fact…” Aija continued, “You didn’t even answer at all. You left me hanging and went home.” Hikaru nodded, feeling bad but justified.

“Aija, we agreed in the beginning that our situation was just sex-that there were no strings attached.” He replied calmly.

Aija gripped onto the sink, anger seeping in. “You called the shots, Hikaru. I didn’t have a choice.” Hikaru gave a frown exclaiming, “A choice in what? I didn’t force you to have sex with me! You didn’t fight me on that one!”

“No, that’s not what I’m talking about! You didn’t give me a chance to fall for you! You didn’t give me a chance to like you! That was one sided on your part! Do you know I cried my ass off after you left that office?! That hurt me so badly that you did that. You have no idea how that feels, Hikaru…and don’t pretend that you do!” Aija cried out, whipping around to face him with ferocious eyes.

Hikaru was blown away. He had never had anybody this passionate about their feelings regarding the no strings attached situation that he was so used to giving out. He had girls disappointed that he ended whatever they had, but they got over it and so did he. But this one…

She’s different…

Chapter 9

Hikaru looked up to see Aija staring at him with a soft smile. “Hello, Aija.” He said, amazed how quickly just seeing her raised his mood.

Aija walked into the office a little bit more, letting Hikaru drape his eyes down her orange dress and leopard heels. The material wrapped her curves just right and the view was so tantalizing he couldn’t help but stare. “I was just wondering if you had forgotten about our lunch date.”

Hikaru looked alarmed then looked over at his clock, cursing loudly as he started getting things together. “Kami, Aija! I’m so sorry…I lost track of time. Yes, we can go right now.”

Aija watched quietly as Hikaru took off his medical coat and replaced it with a dark brown dress coat. Her own eyes shamelessly draped up the contour of Hikaru’s arms, chest and shoulders, remembering how they looked bare a couple of weeks ago.


She blinked away her heated thoughts at his voice. “Yes?”

Hikaru crossed his arms with an amused look. “I rather like this suit, so I’d appreciate it if you didn’t stare at it as if you want to burn it off of me and take me.”

Aija felt heat all over her cheeks. “Doesn’t sound like a bad idea….” she countered and Hikaru raised an eyebrow at her brazen words.

“Slow steps, Miss Edwards. Remember that.”

Aija nodded with a slow rising grin. The going slow situation was starting to feel more torturous than she thought. “Yes, of course, Dr. Mizuno.”

Chapter 10

Nakya shrugged and said, “Whateva. Your loss, baby girl.” She got up rubbing her stomach, the effects of the joint hitting her. “Oooh, I need to go get my grub on. I’ll be right back and we can chat.”

Aija nodded, watching her friend dash into the kitchen and after hearing sounds of cooking put her guarded eyes on Reggie who was still looking at her. Aija tried to ignore the stare for a while but then she held back a sigh and faced him again.


“So what you do, Aija?”

“For a living?”

“Yea. You always look so nice when you come over here, so I was wonderin’ what you do.”

Aija crossed her legs as she answered softly, “I’m a receptionist in a medical office.” She raised her eyebrow as Reggie gave a laugh. “Is something funny about that?”

Reggie rubbed his head and said, “That’s it? Girl I thought you were some kind of CEO or something like that by the way you dress.”

“Well you don’t have to look raggety for a place that’s not Fortune 500. I like dressing nice because I try to be a lady. I work hard where I am.” Aija defended.

“That’s what’s up.” Reggie rubbed his hands slowly together as he regarded her. “You like Miss Independent and all that shit. I think it’s mad sexy when a woman takes care of herself.”

Ignoring the bile in her throat, Aija gave a sarcastic look before looking to the side. “Yeah, that’s tight.” she said in the same sarcastic tone. 

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