Friday, October 9, 2015

Something Snapped Session || Amber Bass Maternity

A couple of weeks ago I informed you all that I had a session I wanted to share! So here it is! A brand new maternity shoot with my cousin Amber. She is the older sister of Ehren and Jessica and has been a part of my life for a very long time. She and her significant other, Clint are expecting a little boy named Caiden Matthew this month. I'm sure's she super excited to be a first time mom! Hell, I'm excited for her! I know all too well the emotions of having your first babe. This is actually Clint's second child; he has an older daughter named Elyse, who came to take photos with us as a family affair. Works for me, you know? The more the merrier! We took photos at the Botanic Gardens (can never go wrong with that place) and even though we had to hurry because Amber was needing a restroom, I was very happy with these results. Take a look at this charming little family and this beautiful mother to be.

Nothing like a new baby coming into the world...

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