Friday, October 2, 2015

My Very First Blog Fan

-Edited a bit from Facebook format-

"Hi Brittney. My name is Starnita Lewis. I'm 28 years old from Birmingham, Alabama. I been reading your Blogspot page for some months now and your family is absolutely adorable! Reading your blog makes me have hope in finding my own king one day. Your daughter Sofia is sooooo cute! Her and her dad look just like twins. You are so pretty also! You look pretty in every picture you take on your blog. You are inspirational, positive and so funny. I just love reading your blog! I wasn't sure if I wanted to write to you or not because I wrote to previous Black girls that were married or dated a Hispanic but they never wrote back. I was nervous to write to you but it took me some courage to finally do it. I love and support interracial marriages especially Black/Hispanic couples. I would like to know if we can become friends, it would be so cool to have you as a friend. Hope to hear from you soon if not have a great day!"

Isn't that a great letter? I got it half a year ago on Facebook and to tell the truth almost didn't know it was there. It was hidden in the mailbox that I don't usually see. When people aren't friends their messages go another folder (as stupid as that is...come on, get with it, Facebook). When I read it, I had the biggest smile. I had NO idea that people other than on GFC and Bloglovin were reading my blog and just knowing that this person took the time out of her day to tell me how much she loved what I write and show in my blog.

I of course wrote her back and we started communicating back and forth. She's a awesome person and so very sweet. I just hope I can continue to keep her inspired in her life.

This...this letter and this person is one of the many reasons I continue to write in Ruling the Ortiz Kingdom.

For her and others...I will write.

What about you? Do you have that special person that loves to read your blog? Do you communicate back and forth? Let me know in the comments below!

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