Sunday, October 4, 2015

Autumn Decor for the Kingdom

Things are tight here in the kingdom money wise, but that doesn't mean that I didn't try to decorate our house for autumn. (I don't know why I prefer the word autumn to fall...I just love it, I guess.) One morning before the other two were up and ready for the day, I went to Dollar General to get some decor for Fall. I think I got majority of these for less than $15. Or maybe even less than $10! I'm drawing blanks right now so these might just be guesses. :P

Our mantle

Here are some things that I did for the living room. I'm not sure if I want to decorate our bedroom in a autumn theme just yet so the living room gets the most focus.

I got this frame from the store for about 2 dollars and decided to put a "autumn essentials" printable I found inside of it. I also bought some faux leaves for effect.

Autumn Essentials Printable

This turkey buddy here has actually been here for years and years since Juan and I moved into our first apartment together. He's been through some wear and tear; his poor tail feathers have broken off, but still he's the first one I take out when it turns into autumn season. I might have to replace him though if more of those feathers break off...shame. I really like him.

This piece of decor is something I also bought at the dollar store and I just couldn't resist seeing all of the awesome words in one place signifying autumn. It sits right in the middle of the mantle for all to see next to some candles that will probably not be lit.'s the truth!

The center piece and probably the first thing guests will put their eyes on when they walk in is this little table that I have dubbed the "holiday table". Autumn just happens to the first lucky event to be put on the table with a bigger frame from the store ($5) complete with an autumn definition printable inside, a pumpkin ($1), a pumpkin pie candle ($1) and more leaf decor!

Autumn Definition Printable

So that's about it and I'm pretty satisfied with it for the time being. I might change things up for Halloween depending on funds but if not then this will do until Christmas.

What have you done for Autumn? Let me know or send me some links so I can take a look!

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