Tuesday, October 27, 2015

An Increased Life

My cousin, Rabbit and I were chatting the other day and we reminisced on days where we would hang out at my dad's house as children. Playing video games and watching fun movies and the like. Rabbit told me "Man, it feels so strange to say this because it feels like it was just yesterday."

He is so true. It feels like memories are just everywhere I look and despite the vivid ones taking hold and reminding of days past, I can still see that life is just expanding everywhere I look. People are getting married and having babies. Babies are growing up and children that I took care of as a babysitter are just living lives that make my heart soar with pride.

Some of the things happening that I'd like to share with you are:

1. Ruben and Bianca Getting Married: I know I know that I shared this with you in a Majesty Monday post, but I just can't help but keep sharing it because I've seen first hand their love story. They started dating a year before Juan and I did so it's like they were going through the same journey as us. They lived together for the longest time after high school so we were definitely thrilled with the fact that they were finally getting hitched!

Bianca was the most beautiful bride and I was so proud of my brother in law and my loves; Juan and Sofia for their parts in the wedding too. This was a huge reminder that life really does go on and now I'm just patiently waiting for the moment that Bianca tells me that another little Ortiz is on the way (that won't be for a while...they are just happy with the two of them for the moment!)

Here are the two of them in the past- Still just as in love as they are now. I'm so in love with the both of them!

2. Chapito's Birthday and Baptism: Who remembers this little chunk? I sure do! I remember meeting him in the hospital the day after he was born. He grew in size and in cuteness making everybody around him fall in love with him. On the 25th he turned one and had his baptism in a local catholic church. It's nice to know that he has the love of the Lord with him and a family that loved him so much to dedicate him to the heavenly Father.

Holy Water being poured on his head.

Extra shot of Sofia sleeping though most of the baptism.
I can't wait to see how Daniel grows and with parents like Chapo and Fatima I know he'll go down the right path.

3. Anastasia turning 2: My niece also turned 2 this October. I really don't get to see her much but when I do I just smile at how big she's getting. Looking so much like her mama in the face. I hate that she and Sofia aren't closer; I really think they would get along so well. Maybe in the future Ahly and I can make sure that they get some quality time together. Things are just going in different directions.

Here's Annie and Sofia in an earlier time: Sofia was 2 this time around and Annie was still an infant.

and here they are when Annie turned one:

I grew up beside my cousins growing up so it's just so strange for her not to be beside Anastasia. I really hope the future shines brighter where they are concerned, but it's really up to us parents.

4. Ryan and Jodi's Wedding- I am so excited about this one! My cousin Ryan proposed to this gem of a lady in July and are planning to have their wedding on the 28th of November. I don't know what makes me happier; the fact that Jodi is a dollbaby and a half and perfect for Ryan or the fact that this man who I babysat for as a child is growing up and making his own life and family. Do I really have to choose?

I have no doubt that these two will be happy as a married couple. They are like a yin yang. Ryan is so reserved and Jodi is just a spitfire of infectious happy energy. They will mellow each other out just right. I can't wait to see where their lives will take them.

5. The Birth of Caiden- Look that that little lovebug! If you guys remember from this post, my cousin Amber was due to give birth to her first child, Caiden Matthew. Well, here he is! Sofia and I got to see him today and got to love on him and see him. He was born on October 26th and was 6 lbs 3 oz. Amber took to motherhood wonderfully and I'm just so proud of her.

Why do you ask?  Because she proved a lot of people wrong...

In this photo is a beautiful woman who is living her life to the fullest but when she was growing up, she didn't take a lot of good paths on her way. So that led to a lot of people making assumptions of her. But she showed them how wrong they were as she started living in a way that was good for her. Having a good job, being a woman of God and having an awesome man by her side and she waited til the time was right for her to have Caiden. If that doesn't speak volumes then I don't know what does! Just watching her take care of her son, proved that she has what it takes to be his mother and to take care of him with love and guidance. I just truly love this girl for what she has become and I know she's going to go far in life!

So what about me? Do I feel like my life is advancing? Somewhat... I would say the best thing happening in my life is the fact that I'm losing a lot of weight. I would say from a few months before I got diagnosed I was about 250-260 in weight. Now in October I am about 210.

So that's a huge difference than before and I'm super stoked about that. I still haven't gotten my license yet but that's coming real soon since I passed my written course online. Though my life isn't going as fast as everybody else's, I really sure that it's coming faster than I think it will!

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