Thursday, September 10, 2015

Writer's Wednesday...On a Thursday!

Pinterest Novel Profiles and Storyboards I'm Following

Wednesday was a bit busy, so I missed out on Writer's Wednesday but that doesn't mean I can't make it up! I started pinning in Pinterest in 2012, a little after Sofia was born. At first it was just for fun helpful things but then I started realizing how big a help it could be when it came to me writing. That's when Bitzsoi Novels as a Pinterest profile came about. I put everything that I thought would help me with the worlds going on in my head and to this day, it's a place where I can go back and think on my novels and characters.

Little did I know that there would be other writer profiles and storyboards like mine. I just happened upon one while searching and I never looked back. Now I am following lots of boards! It's just amazing to me that there are so many writers and I get the privilege to have a glimpse into their minds at what their tales are about. That is such an honor! When you read a book you only see what your imagination wants you to see. That's why when you see a movie based off a book, sometimes you are shocked and disappointed by what is in it. When you see it in pinterest though, you kind of have an inkling of what the writer is really thinking about. Isn't that just great?

I wanted to make a website based off these writers as a place where we could just connect. It's said that being a writer is pretty lonely. But it doesn't have to be, you know?

Here are just some of the writer profiles and storyboards I'm following:

Vrell Sparrow
*Eye of Stars *Last Ones Standing *Star of Fire *Void in their Souls *We are Red

Tori Foden

Sarah Coons

Susan Dennard
*Truthwitch  *Windwitch *Sightwitch

Caitlin Miller

Take a look at those and even mine! If you are writers then I truly recommend you make a story board for your stories. Get all of that stuff out so you truly focus on it.

Already have a Pinterest storyboard? Please leave a link to yours so that we can follow each other. Let's support our fellow writers as they go down their tough yet exciting journey!

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