Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Welcome Back, September!- Monthly Goals

Dude!!! I literally almost missed this post today because I was reading a blogger's post about what was done in August and I was like, "Hmm...I should write a Welcome Back post about September soon. Wasn't even planning on doing it at all- then I just so happened to look down at my date and time in the corner of my computer.

It's freaking September 1st! @%#$@^%@#$@%%^%&#^!@#

Okay, now that I got that off of my chest:

It's SEPTEMBER!  Summer is almost officially over and while part of me is sad that it is, the majority of me is all too happy because damn...it's been a hot one here in the Lone Star State. Like I literally have sweated everywhere on my body...even my eyes. Just saying.

Okay, it wasn't THAT bad. But that's what it felt like!
I don't think that there is an plethora of things that are going to be happening in this month; probably will be a go with the flow feel. But that doesn't mean I can't share with you what is already planned right? I mean, I almost missed out on the whole post, might as well go all the way!

1. This coming Sunday, I'll be doing maternity photos for my cousin, Amber. She is expecting her first son, Caiden real soon and I'm so excited for her because she is getting to feel everything in pregnancy and motherhood that I did with Sofia. Doesn't that face up there just scream "great mommy to be"? It's quite a journey and she's going to love every minute of it. Except for the parts where she wants to pull out her hair and get a drink of wine before bed cause she's so frazzled. I'm just kidding, Bambi. It's awesome!

This was on their graduation day. Can't you see the love?
2. On the 11th, El Rey and I will be attending a wedding shower for couples. For who you ask? For my brother in law, Ruben and his fiancée, the awesome Bianca. They have been together for sooo long. Even when Juan and I started to go together and they were still in high school. They are so in love and I can't wait to have that lady as my sister in law. We were besties already but this just tops the cake! Their wedding is on October 3rd.


3. The day after that, I will be attending Amber's baby shower for Caiden. My gift to her will be the photos from the session so that she can put them around her house for the shower. Nothing like new babies coming into the world, right?

4. Birthdays for this month are for:
Sasha- 2nd
Auntie Sheila- 6th
Auntie Brenda- 8th
Dad- 15th
Fatima- 27th

So that's the planned things for the month and now here are the things I hope I can get done!

5. I need to finish up my mother's photos for the session I did with her in early August. She's pretty laid back on it but still I need to get on the ball. That's just a sample of what I did with her. Isn't she just beautiful? She makes the age group of 50 look soooo good! #goals


6. I have noticed lately in my life that I'm doing too much all at one time. I can't seem to focus cause I want to do so much in so little time. So I decided that I am going to use a weekly planner to keep myself on track. The one pictured isn't the one I'm using but it's along those lines. I have one hanging up in two places so I can see them. The days of the week are going to go like this for me now.

  • Mon: Cleaning day. Doesn't need to be spic and span but at least good enough that I don't have keep on it during the other days planned. This is also when I write my grocery list.
  • Tues: Blog Day. This is when I write all the posts planned, check on comments, write my own comments and look at social media. I'll also take the time to find some good fresh material to write about
  • Weds: Sofia Day. As the title says this is where I will be taking my focus onto my daughter. Don't get me wrong. I always have my little girl in my mind but this will be more of a focus on her learning and playtime. Right now she's learning about A, the number 1 and the color red. She's also learning about chores, Creation and who is in our house.
  • Thurs: Writing Day. In order for me to be the author I always wanted to be growing up, I have to keep writing right? Right. So this day will be all about writing. I'll be writing chapters, doing characterization, brainstorming and the like. 
  • Friday: TV/Call Day. This day will be like a relax day for me. I can catch up on the shows I've been watching on Hulu, play video games, and catch up on subscriptions on Youtube. This day is also when I want to start calling friends and family more often. 
  • Saturday: Photography and Royal Family Day. After doing any editing during the day or sessions, then I can spend some quality time with my two favorite people. We can plan for fun or just chill at home. Either way I want to go to the library to check out books for Sofia and for her to be a part of the storytime there.
  • Sunday: Family Day. After going to church as always, this will be the day that we visit our family members. Our parents mostly. Then at the end of the day and week, I'll clean out my computer and defrag, look for jobs and edit photos.
It's a full week, but at least it keeps me from sitting on my ass all day long doing nothing. It will get even better when I start driving my car. 

Bedroom goals / Source

7. I've decided that for this tax return coming up, I'm going to start focusing on my house. Last year was for my photography and my camera and what a blessing it was, but now it's time to make my house a home and make it feel homey. I've been listing what I want with prices so I can't wait to see what I can come up with!

So that's about it for September! Keep a look out for any posts related to this month and keep me updated on your own month in my comments!

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