Saturday, September 19, 2015

Ma Belle Sofia Anneliese (Princess and the Frog party)

Let's recap: Sofia has has some pretty good birthdays lately and I for one am so very happy that she has been able to have them. For her first birthday, we had her party with a butterfly theme and she was the cutest thing with her butterfly tutu.

For her second birthday party, we handed the reins over to Alicia to have it at her house and it was a Dora themed party. I was pleasantly surprised how well it turned out.

For Sofia's third party we decided to just play it by ear and have a fun birthday party at the park so Sofia could have a great time playing on the playground. She loved it and so did we in the beautiful weather.

So what's the idea for this 4th year coming up? Well as you can see from the photo above...I'm planning to have a Princess and the Frog themed birthday party. I actually got the idea from Pinterest browsing and fell so in love with this photo:

I knew that's what I wanted for Sofia. I love the movie and Sofia does too. So it seems fitting do this while she's young so that when she's older, she'll know that I put in some effort to make her birthday worth it. Because her birthday is on a Tuesday, then we'll most likely have the party the weekend before. Here are just some ideas that I've found that I might incorporate into the party.

The dress

Isn't this just precious?! I can so see it on Sofia as well and I know that she will rock it. I hope to find this on Etsy but if not then we'll find her another one!

The Decor

Not sure if this is what I'm going to have exactly for Sofia's party but I do want it in the backyard and I want it to be fancy. Lots of lace, lots of prettiness and lots of girly stuff. 

The Eats and Drinks

The Cake:

What We Will Be Wearing: 

I was thinking that I'll either dress up like Mama Odie or as Eudora. If her godfather Jonathan won't be Prince Naveen then maybe El Rey will take up the slack.

Extra Ideas:

Isn't this just a great idea? I'm so excited and seeing as I'm going to be using this income tax for just decorating the house, I can set a huge chunk aside to make sure my little girl has a really special birthday. If for some reason it can't happen this year then the 5th year is always a possibility too! 

Keep a look out to see a tiny princess in green kissing a frog!

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