Tuesday, September 15, 2015

La Reina's Top 5 Things About Autumn

Can it really almost be autumn? I mean, wasn't it just July and we were getting ready for the 4th of July? *checks blog archive* The year is going in light speed and I'm just trying to hang on for the ride. Just yesterday I was talking to my mother about how summer isn't really my favorite season anymore. I think now it's a tie between autumn and spring. Because the weather is just perfect and things are changing during those times for example, in Texas where I am, I can only see Bluebonnets in the spring or you can only see changing leave in the autumn. Just so much to see and do in these times.

But seeing as it IS almost autumn then I want to take this time to recognize some of my favorite things about this season of transformation. Five things to be exact.

1. Cooler Weather: I know that it's hard to believe that Texas would get any kind of cool weather but we do! We've had our share of snow...which if you can believe is always shocking to us. Summer usually sweats us out for three months but there is but a tiny window of relief when the weather is just perfect. Not too cold and not too hot and enough for us to leave windows open. Then after that window is closed, the more bitter cold parts of the weather makes it's way to us. Kudos to the the people who live way up North.

2. Pumpkins: I don't mean pumpkin spice things either. I mean the round vegetables that you use for decorating. I really want to get some pumpkins this year to decorate my front door and put our faces on them and some fake curly hair for Sofia's.

3. Halloween: I used to trick or treat with my cousins all the time; even as a teen but now that my Type II is slowing my eating habits down, I'm just happy seeing Sofia getting candy. Plans for costumes? Not sure just yet...I'll probably let her choose again. She did a good job as a pirate. I probably will wear a costume too.

4. Thanksgiving: One of my all time favorite holidays. It's been celebrated for the past three years at our house but now that my aunt has a new house, it will most likely be celebrated at her place this year. I'll probably make macaroni and cheese again cause my aunt loves it.

5. Fall Decorations: I have already started decorating the house a bit with some things I've gotten from the dollar store and I'm so proud of how it looks! Maybe as time goes by I'll start doing more of the house with decor!

That's about all that really comes to my head, but it's a pretty good list! What about you awesome peeps? What are your favorite things about the autumn season? Hopefully cooler weather makes the list like mine!

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