Sunday, September 27, 2015

Currently in September

Well, truthfully, I'm a bit down in the dumps when comes to my thinking. I am not in the best of health (as in...I got diagnosed with Hand Foot Mouth yesterday). I hate that I have this cause I know it's contagious and I have been kissing and stuff with Sofia. She's had it before when she was one so maybe it's not going to be so bad with her. But still it has me on edge and it makes me sorry she went through it so young because it's no joke.

I'm loving the fact that I'm finding more time to play with Sofia during the day. I used to be on my computer all day long and sadly didn't really put in the time that I needed to with her. But I resolved myself to do it for her and I don't plan on that changing unless I have to work and even then I'm still going to find some kind of time.

I finished my written driver's test online so that's one step closer to getting my license and driving. The plan is that I'm going to fix the car because the transmission fluid has leaked out of it and then get it registered to me and finally take the driver's test. It might not even go in that order at all but the bottom line is, Brittney is on her way to driving on the road! Woot! I said that I would drive during my 30th year and I'm determined to make that happen. If that means I have to drive in Paloma until my car works then so be it.

It's autumn so you know what that means...Fall television shows! I'm loving Empire and Scandal so far and I almost watched Nashville's new season but I decided to catch up on it. Same with Heroes. I want to catch up on it before I can try to watch any new ones. I finished the new Teen Wolf season and can't wait to see the new one in January. Just so many good shows and not enough time in life!

I've been playing the Sims 3 lately and have my own Simblr for it (for those that don't know...a simblr is a Tumblr page made just for Sims.) After searching through other ones, I find this song that I have fallen in love with. Dance Like We're Making Love by Ciara. I just love everything about it. The beat, the words, the music video...just LUB. Take a listen to it and see how you like it.

This past few months have been the months of books for me and la princesa. We just went yesterday to get books and ended up getting 30. Yep, 30! Mostly cause they were graphic novels and I wanted to finish the series. But I also got Matched, Crossed and Reached by Ally Condie. I really want to get into the series cause it seems a bit like the Hunger Games in a way. Yeah, I know they are teen books, but I don't discriminate when it comes to books! As long as it has a good plot and characters.

Hmmm...writing has been on the slow path lately but it's ok. There are more important things I'm worried about like driving. But that isn't to say that I haven't written anything. I actually finished two more autumn chapters for Take Two and Call Me in the Morning. Things are changing for Aija and she has to battle through her depressive state so that she can go on with her life. Hikaru is still by her side but this is a battle she has to do on her own .

“This isn’t right…” Hikaru said quietly to no one in particular as he looked through Micah’s chart. Disappointed at the results of the young boy’s blood test, he sighed and made notes for more chemo. A glance at his clock signaled 2:30 am and he was glad that it was Saturday and he could sleep in. Yume lay on his bed, sprawled out like a golden comforter and Hikaru smiled at the sight before it disappeared with the sound of screaming. It was faint but still unmistakable and after taking a moment to figure out where it was, Hikaru’s eyes widened as he realized that it came from Aija’s home. Startling Yume from his sleep, he leaped out from the covers in just a pair of dark gray pajama pants. He ran through the house and out the door as if somebody was chasing him to her door, taking no time to unlock the door with his spare key.

Another blood curling scream froze his heart and Hikaru didn’t even bother to close the front door before dashing through the living room and hallway to Aija’s room. He wasn’t sure what he would find. A burglary? Someone attacking her? The thought of that spurred Hikaru to open the door. His eyes landed on Aija who was in the middle of her bed thrashing in her sleep. Hikaru frowned in confusion. Not once had he heard her having a nightmare and from the way she gripped onto her sheets in fear, he never wanted to.

Seeing her arching her back up into the air was enough for Hikaru and he hurried onto her bed, scooping her up into his arms. Stroking her wild hair back as she struggled in his embrace, he ordered gentle like, “Aija, wake up. Wake up, baby.”

Aija’s breath turned into pants as she stirred then finally opened her eyes slow. The fear inside them was still apparent as she stared up at who held her. When she recognized Hikaru, the faintest line of water gathered inside of her eyes.

“You’re here…” was all she said to him though Hikaru could tell she was relieved.

“I’m here.”

Aija drew her arms around him, hugging him to her and while he hugged her back, Hikaru took the chance to look around her catastrophe of a room. It was so stagnant and gloomy that he groaned and tightened his grip on her. He would ask about this later, but first things first…

Photography...oh yes! There has been some camera snapping around here lately and I'm so happy about it! I finally finished my mother's photos as shown on the post before this one. I did a maternity shoot for my cousin Amber before her little boy Caiden is born next month and then I did a scenery shoot for a family friend because her daughter turned 16 and she decorated for her party. I'm happy that my photography is happening more and more and it can only get better in the future. Take a lookie at the pretties!

So far...other than the sudden sickness, September is being pretty good to me! I hope it's doing the same to all you lovelies too!


  1. Aww, feel better! Fingers crossed that Sophia doesn't catch it. I read that Ally Condie series and really liked it! I love that you love writing. I always wanted to write novels, and tried to get started when I was younger, but never stuck with it. What kind of camera do you use? I'm looking into possibly upgrading. Your photos are always beautiful!

    1. Thank you so much, Leslie! I really hope she doesn't get it again either. My brother in law's wedding is this weekend and she's supposed to be flower girl.

      I love love love writing when I have the time or when my mind is in it. I hope you enjoyed the part of the story I shared. I love letting people read what I'm working on, but I'm trying to hold back on good pieces so I can finish.

      Thank you for the compliment on my photos! My camera is a Nikon D3200 and I got it as a set on Amazon that came with a cleaning kit, tripod and lenses. I kept the Nikon brand because first one was a Nikon Coolpix L110. I just got attached to it and just went from there. It's not just the camera that helps with my photos though. I took a class from the Clickin Moms site too. SOO helpful! I hope you find the camera you are looking for!


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