Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Writer's Wednesday: Beginning in Autumn

So I have finally gotten off my ass and wrote some more on Take Two and Call Me in the Morning. I am determined to just push through this damn story because something is telling me all the time that this rough draft should have been finished. Really, it should but I'm such a procrastinator. At least I got the first two chapters of the Autumn season done in the story.

So the one person that Aija and Hikaru didn't want to know about their relationship, now knows and he's on a war path for Aija. Emotions are ringing high and she's being hit hard. These chapters will show us that she's not just perfect. She's got flaws and dark feelings just like real people do. People who read this will relate to her.

This is also the season where Aija meets Takumi and Briseis. I had wanted to write their story first with Hikaru being a secondary character, but this story had more to offer while Takumi and Brie's story just wasn't and still isn't forming yet. But still everybody will love those two and maybe that will make them even more charming in their own story because it will be like a prequel kind of story.

Anyway to keep things short, I'll be trying my best to keep going with this story. I really feel like this is it... the story of my heart. I'm already so proud of what I've written and when it's finished, I'll feel so accomplished!

Part of a finished chapter:

Ryu sat at his desk, typing and didn’t seem to notice the young receptionist walking in. At the sound of the door closing he looked up at her. An uncomfortable silence spread through the room and Aija almost wanted to cough to end it. “You requested for me, Mizuno-sama?”

“I did. Come in.”

Aija walked closer to the desk and started to have a seat but Ryu held up his hand saying, “That won’t be necessary, Miss Edwards. What I’m about to tell you won’t be long.”

Aija gave a couple of surprised blinks before standing back up. Ryu just stared at Aija, as if scanning her over and for a moment she could just barely see the sneer that raised his lip. Right now, he truly was disgusted by her. Aija tried to mask the uncomfortable feeling of his stare as she held on to her purse in front of her by putting up a brave front.

“Just tell me why I’m in here and not working, please. Why is that woman there in my seat?”

“Because it isn’t your seat any longer. I am relieving you of your receptionist position.” Ryutaro said in a calm voice as if he was doing her a favor.

“Reliving me? Don’t you mean to say that you’re firing me?” Aija asked, gripping onto the leather of her purse.

“Reliving…firing. Doesn’t make a difference does it?”

“Oh it does. Don’t make it seem as if you are doing this for my benefit.”

“I am. I’m making it easier for the both of you.”

Aija frowned and asked, “What are you talking about?”

“I’ve tried to tell myself that you and him weren’t together. Weren’t intimate…but seeing you the other day said otherwise. My son doesn’t need to be with you, Miss Edwards. He has more things he needs to be focusing on in his life right now. It’s for the best if we just separate you as much as possible.”

Aija scoffed at the audacity of the man in front of her. How Hikaru turned into the man he did with a father like this was beyond her. “What things does he need to be focusing on?”

“His work. His family which we both know doesn’t consist of you.”

“Family? Ha! What family are you talking about? The family that you think that you are a part of?” At Ryu’s scowl, Aija said, “Yeah, I know about your family problems. Hikaru doesn’t keep much from me.”

Ryutaro just stared at the newly incensed woman and his nonchalant attitude added wood to the fire. She knew that he was just being dirty. Her mouth turned up as much as his did earlier and she was about to lit onto him, but then she just smiled shaking her head. He wasn’t worth her energy and she was taught better. “You are just...just so despicable, Ryutaro and I'm glad you’re firing me...”

A finger was pointed at her slowly from the desk. “Don't disrespect me. You call me Mizuno-sama.” Aija scoffed and put her hands on the desk to face her ex-boss head to head. Ryutaro slowly stood up to do the same and the intensity charged the room’s atmosphere.

“No, I don't think so. You're not my master. You're not my boss as of this moment on! I'll call you whatever I wish to now.” Aija spat, making sure Ryutaro got the full view of who the real Aija could be if challenged. She wasn’t going to back down when it came to who she loved and Hikaru was that person.

Ryutaro, after staring Aija down, raised up his hand and waved her away saying, “Turn in your badge on the way out.”

“You don’t have to tell me twice!”

“Close my door as well.”

Aija turned while putting her purse on her shoulder and after getting to the door she gave her final blow. “You know...for the record, you don't deserve your son. He's a bigger and better man than you will ever be. Have a good rest of your day.”

Ryu started say more, but the door firmly shut out his words.

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