Friday, August 28, 2015

The Queen's Pen: Overabundance

Tax season is pretty far away but I can't help but already plan what to get with our return. I know sometimes it seems as if that's all I want all the time is money, but seriously...who doesn't need money? Especially nowadays! You know, sometimes I wish that I could win the lottery Juan would win the lottery so we wouldn't have worry about anything.


What would we use the money for? Well let me see...

First and foremost, we'd pay off our home. Then debts would be cleared out for serious. With the big stuff out of the way and off of our shoulders then we can focus on the things we want. With my share (because Juan has told me many times that I would have a share if he won the lottery), I would make sure that my parents were ok with whatever they needed. They did it for me so I would love to give it back.

I would also oversee what we use Sofia's share for. Clothing would be a priority. We have clothes for her but we can always use more. Then I would get her things that benefit her life; flash cards, learning programs.  You know, things that can further her mind. Then and only then would we get fun stuff for her like toys and other things, you know.

Now that we are done taking care of the ones I love, I can focus on myself. What would I do if money wasn't an issue?


* I would get new photography equipment: A second camera definitely! One more even! Props and the like, Photoshop and Lightroom would also be a plus.


* Clothing changes: Let's just say that my closet would have way more than it currently has.


* Travel to places I always wanted to go to: Japan, Australia, Italy etc. With money not being an issue, travel shouldn't be either, right?


* Eat More Healthy Foods: I mean come on! It's just ridiculous how expensive it is to eat right. It's almost as if society really just wants us to get obese and get whatever come with that. Nope. With all kinds of money though, we can get more fruits, more veggies, more whole grain breads and the likes. I want my family healthy. Who doesn't?

* Take care of my car: I haven't even gotten to drive my car yet and it already needs service. With money I could get that taken care of and get on the road!

* Hell, get a new car all together: Pockets full, no problem right?


* Home Decor: I know you know that my home is slacking when it comes to charm, though my cousin did comment on how cozy it was. Cozy is a good word, but it doesn't mean that my house looks good! Not only would I get stuff, but it would be good brand stuff. I'm talking Pottery Barn, Pier 1 and the like! I want a home I can come into and be proud of.


* Finally, I would be able to start paying for and planning for mine and El Rey's vow renewal. Everything I ever wanted for our wedding, I would be able to to! Just even thinking about that is making me giddy as heck!

So as you can see, there are a lot of things I could take care of if money wasn't even an issue. There are so many things I want or need but if I would be blessed enough to have that money in the first place, then anything I could get would be a blessing too.

So tell me...what would you get in your wildest dreams if money wasn't ever an issue?


  1. I seriously have a post just like this sitting in my drafts folder!!! I love this - so many things you and I would do similarly! :)

    1. Great minds think alike, huh?! I'm glad you liked this post and I can't wait to see what you have on yours!


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