Saturday, August 29, 2015

Stepping Onto the Road of Vlog

It's been an experience for me on my blogging journey here on RTOK. I have been trying to blog this life of mine since 2011. That year just seems so long ago, doesn't it? I mean I was practically just a newlywed and a pregnant newlywed at that! So knowing that there have been so many posts since then makes my heart sing and also to dance with joy!

There aren't many followers for my journey but that's ok because I know I still have a whole lot of life to go to be able to meet some new friends. I'm ecstatic that I'm able to share you know?

Now... 484 posts later, I'm thinking that I'm ready to start a new chapter in my blogging and that is the chapter of video! I have been so intrigued with watching people sharing their life and not even their perfect lives at that. It inspired me to try this Vlog thing out. I had attempted to do a video kind of thing with my instagram in March and July, but it didn't catch on with me for some reason. This time around I want to keep up with this as much as I can within reason.

Earlier this evening I made my first video post and while it was pretty out of the blue and I look like I didn't even try to make myself up, I still was so incredibly proud that I did it. Sofia even came in and gave the video some cuteness that only she can conjure up. Have a look here! You might to up the volume though. I was so nervous just even making this! I'll get better at this.


So, where do I see this going? I'm not sure, but if people can blog about anything in their lives...why can't I? I know that Juan won't be a huge part of it; he's too shy and quiet but he's okay with being in some scenes in action. Sofia will be a GIGANTIC part of it. I mean, come on-she's just adorable. My mom will be in it at times and also just other people in my family as I film along. In no way possible does this mean that I will stop blogging here. I'll be blogging but I'll also be incorporating this new adventure inside it was well!

So please feel free to join me and my family on a more personal insight to our lives. Hopefully you won't regret it and enjoy every moment of my life as we start doing better in all ways possible.

Here's to the new road.

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