Sunday, August 23, 2015

Ortiz Kingdom Fun: A Day at the Water Gardens

Even though August is coming to an end soon, the heat still hasn't lessened here in Texas. It usually doesn't cool down until late September or Mid-October. At least, that's how I feel the temperature goes. We really haven't done a lot of Summer stuff this year; the heat has just been unbearable lately but when we are really feeling cooped up we go out and have some fun. Our latest go-to spots are the Water Gardens in Downtown Fort Worth and Yogurtland.

The Active Pool
This was the second time we took Sofia and the first time we took Kearrah here. Last time didn't work out so well with Sofia because I didn't think to get her some spare clothes to change into. So when we went into Yogurtland, she was in her long T-shirt and her pull up. But this time we came prepared with changes of clothes, towels and the like.

Good thing too...cause sister girl was all in that water this time around!

Here are the photos of them at the Active Pool section of the gardens. There are more sections around but we didn't see them. Maybe next time.

What a great cousin that Kearrah is.

Random water shot

Somebody loves the element of water

#photographerfail I so didn't even take account of the sun in KeKe's eyes.

Mor water shot

Active Pool up close and personal

Why yes...that is my child just getting comfortable there.

Happiness defined.

Current fave pic. Just the balance of the focus and depth of field is greatness.

Proof that I was indeed there. El Rey took this shot.

Showing me her teeth cause saying "smile" just doesn't cut it.

Ke had no problem smiling for me though.

My soaked offspring

The tall beauty that is Kearrah Alexis
So after that, we went to Yogurtland, seeing as the sun was right on us and where there is sun...there is heat and so on and so forth. Kearrah had a many of firsts today because she hadn't been to the water gardens or Yogurtland so I was glad I was able to take her before she started school. Still got a couple of years to go before this little princesa has to pack a backpack. Hell, she might not even pack one at all depending on if I want to homeschool her. But that, my for another post!

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