Thursday, August 6, 2015

Fill 'Er Up!- Healthy Snacking

Look up in the sky! It's a bird, it's a plane... NO! It's an emergency snack kit! Okay, I'm pretty sure that's not where you thought I was going towards, but now that I have your attention, let's chat. If most of you have been following up on me then you know that I was diagnosed with Type II Diabetes in March. So as you can imagine, I have had to do some lifestyle changes to get myself back in a healthy state.

One of those things I had to do was change what I eat. No more ramen noodles, cookies and candy. Heck, I couldn't even eat a whole bunch of sandwiches if I wanted to. Those carbs count up and as a result, turns into a lot of glucose in my blood. No bueno. Does that mean that I don't eat as much during the day? Nope. I still have to eat a significant amount of calories. Which is hard during the day particularly between lunch and dinner.

Enter snacks!

I try to make sure I eat a pretty good snack that fills me up but isn't full of sweet or salty stuff. I'm still learning in this aspect though and so it's not a lot of things to tell you about but could eat these as well; healthy food makes for a healthy body which makes for a healthy mind, which in the end results in a healthy you!

Here are some of the snacks I think up during the day when I'm feeling low on energy:

1. Peanut butter on a tortilla
2. Cucumber slices covered in lime juice
3. Strawberry slices
4. Cashews
5. Small spinach salad
6. Yogurt
7. Dry Kashi Cereal
8. Trail Mix
9. Small gala apples
10. Broccoli with a bit of ranch
11. Cheese cubes
12. Spicy peanuts
13. Popcorn

What do you think? Sounds tasty right? The best thing is, it doesn't make you extremely full so you are still good enough to eat a good dinner! Try some of these out because take it from me...they are pretty tasty; the cucumbers are my favorite out of that whole list. Mm...just tangy fresh goodness.


Oh! Speaking of the trail mix on my list there...there is an awesome place where you can go and get some really great healthy snacks called and if you are looking some good eats that speak to you: gluten-free, sugar free, raw or organic then you could benefit from looking at these goodies. Check out how to get awesome healthy snacks together here! These can be great for when you need to snack on the go, are feeling that 3 pm slump or right when you need a pick me up after working out.

What kind of snacks to you like to eat that are good for you? I would love to find out! Until then...

Happy and healthy snacking!

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  1. I have never thought to do cucumbers in lime juice, gotta try it! It is so hard to eat healthy but I can really tell a difference in my body and energy when I eat good!


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