Thursday, August 27, 2015

Family Member Profile: Jessica

Name: Jessica Maria
Nickname: Jessie or as I call her "Pookie"
Birthdate: August 27, 1996
Relation: Cousin (however not blood related)

Occupation: Waitress

Likes: pastel colors, Chinese food, dancing, getting in shape, makeup and hair extensions

Dislikes: mustard, mayo, denim jeans, people smacking food

Something Jessie Accomplished: Being a part of the Highlandettes drill team and growing to have a better personality in life.

This wonderful lady right here is a person who no matter how long we don't see each other, or how long we don't chat with one another, is always in a deep part of my heart. She grew up with me and my dad and loves us a lot. But who is Jessica? Well let me tell you.

Jessica is the younger sister of Ehren who you have read about before. They maybe be brother and sister but they are so different from one another! When I think of Jessie...I think of a painting and a free form painting at that. Just vibrant and colorful in all angles but still a beautiful piece of work! She lives with her mother in Llano, TX and since graduating has been just trying to live her life as a grown woman. I'm just amazed by what a beauty she is!

But before she was the beauty she is...she was a cutie pie! I mean, Jessica was the definition of child! She was so imaginative and the stuff she would come up with would just be so unique. Like she would just come up to us and say "Splat!" and pretend to put a pie in our faces. The words she would say and the things she would do. She had us laughing! She also had a huge mane of curly hair that if you were careful, would be all over her head!

I used to stay over at her dad's house during the summer and would spend so much time with her and her brother. She and I would watch movies together like "The Cheetah Girls" and would just sing and dance and all of that. She loved to play video games and loved to play the Sims and Second Life. Hell, to this day she probably still loves all of that! When she moved with her mom, I didn't really see her a lot since she was so far away but I still loved her and missed her.

Then I found out that she was in her Senior year and not only that, but she was a part of her high school drill team, the Highlandettes. I was so proud of her and still am to be honest that she was a part of them. Even took an hours long ride in a car to see her perform at half time one day. I can tell that she was so happy to be dancing and just the movements and the flexibility that she learned let you know that she was doing great there!

As I'm sitting here writing this post on  Jessica's birthday, I'm just so proud of the woman that she's becoming. She is so caring and funny and creative. The things she can draw and write I just want so much for her in life and even though we'll never be able to wake her up through a storm if we needed to...I know what she's going to go so far! I just hope I will be able to take the journey with her!

Happy Birthday, Pookie! Love you so muches!

More photos of Jessica

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