Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Brittney's 30th: Family Game Night Party

101 in 1001 Goal  #76. Celebrate my 30th birthday in style!

Sorry for the lack of blogging...things have been getting a bit busy in my life and I love it!

A couple of weeks ago, I celebrated my birthday with my family for the second time. Why two birthday parties you ask? It's not cause I'm self absorbed or something like that *at least I don't think so* but this party was planned and the other one that El Rey had for me was a surprise so in other words, I've been pretty lucky. So on the 25th of July which was a Saturday, I hung out with my mom at my aunt's house before going and getting stuff for the party ready; food, decorations and the such.

When the guests finally started arriving, we had a variety of party food waiting: pizza rolls, chips and dip, hot wings, and my aunt brought some chips for my grandmother's nacho cheese. We also got me a birthday know just for the party experience and not for my love of cake. The tunes were going and after mingling with each other while we ate, we started playing games. Family Game Night was my idea after my family did our last Talent Show as a way of spending time with each other. So we decided that we would do the first one at my party to get it started.

The game we played were: 
*Hollywood Game Night

The first game if any of you aren't familiar with it consists of having teams find words for categories that start with the one letter of the alphabet that was rolled. For example if F was rolled and a category on your list was "Boy's Name" then you have to find the most you unique name that starts with F like Finley. If your other game players agree that you had an unique word then you get that point. Now...this is just what my family and I got from the directions but if you know that it's a different gameplay, let a sister know for future game nights!

The second game is a lot more complicated but so much fun because it consists of five games in one! I will leave it to you all to look at the directions for that one because it's making tired just even trying to figure out how to explain it to you! But it was greatness and you should by it!


Mor family!

Ingredients for a great game night

That eyebrow tho, babe...

I had so much fun laughing and playing with my family; it's so rare that we spend time like this lately so I cherish it so much. The Hollywood game was pretty long. So long that we actually forgot to sing and eat cake! So at the end of the game we quickly did so, eat a little bit of cake and everybody went home.

Somebody got to the cake before us. We laughed our butts off seeing this!

My little munchkin

Birthday girl pic

30 ain't got nothing on me.

I had such and great time and I can only thank my mom and my husband for helping me out with it. I feel so totally loved and so wonderful in my 30th year and I only know that things will get better in the years to come. I probably won't have as many parties...but that's just fine with me cause really-cake will just work just fine for this sister!


  1. Oh I love scattergories. Sounds like a fun birthday.

  2. Happy belated Birthday!!! We looove scattergories - so much fun. Haven't played in ages though. Not many game nights lately. When I do talk Chris into it we play scrabble or rummy-o!

  3. Game nights are so much fun! Sounds like you had a wonderful birthday! :)


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