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A Day in My Kingdom: July 25, 2015

I am not a stranger to day in the life posts. I used to do them when I wrote in LiveJournal. Three in total if I'm remember correctly. I'll be sure to post them in future posts as throwbacks. But for now I want to share with you just a random day in our life as the Ortiz family. Let's start at the beginning:

It's about 7:30 or so when I wake up on the couch. I'm usually sleeping on the couch right now because my medication keeps me awake. Also, I'm a light sleeper and the noisy air conditioner unit is right beside our bedroom window so I get the rest I need currently on the loveseat.

After I get up, I start going around and straightening things in the living room. I'm wishy-washy when it comes to how I wake up. Sometimes I don't feel like moving and just watch some TV but there are other times where I want to get stuff started in the morning like cleaning or blogging.

This morning however, I feel like straightening up the living room and bookshelf. Lord...I pray that I get a new bookshelf. This one sometimes feels like a eyesore in our house and it takes up so much space.

It may look like a lot, but it was pretty easy to straigthen up and I'm used to it because every day it just gets messed up again #toddlermomproblems

I go in the room to check on my hubby and my little one. El Rey is in the bathroom but La Princesa still sleeps and I leave her alone to get some the rest of her morning Zs.

My husband comes out and we chat a little bit about how we slept and what we want for breakfast. We usually don't eat until we are all awake though sometimes, Sofia eats first. She's isn't La Princesa just cause, ya'll.

Speaking of which, Sofia finally wakes up and comes in the living room. We usher her to the potty cause she always forgets and once she uses it successfully, she comes back where we are to give Papi some good cuddles. I'm usually the one she comes to for cuddles but since Papi's not getting ready for work, she figured "why not?"

And with cuddles comes a impromptu tea party. Another note: It makes my heart turn to goo seeing these two doing tea parties together. Juan is such a great father and he never turns away our little one when she is ready to do a party with him.

As I watch Sofia on her table while Juan takes a needed rest, I begin to realize that my daughter doesn't really have a lot of books to read during the day. So I decide to make a plan to go to the library so that Sofia can get a library card. Once my husband wakes up, we get ready to go.

I get Sofia's hair straight and get her dressed. It's amazeballs how fast and long her hair is getting to be. I guess when it gets to her butt we'll start trimming, but for now I'm curious to see how long it gets.

Judging the temperature will be past 100 today, I decide to change Sofi's clothes last minute to protect her a bit better from the heat and the sun. This face tells you all what she thinks of that decision. Sorry kid!

Quick family photo!

After driving in the Texas heat for a bit, we finally get to our destination: the Fort Worth Library. I have been going to this library for a long time; since I was about Sofia's size actually. So I was happy to show her around it.  We got Sofia's card and found out what my fines were cause...Mommy's been slacking in that department and can't rent books. *sighs*

Sofia was overwhelmed by all the books; she just didn't know where to start. She would pick up a book, go through it so fast and then put it back in like a minute. I tried to slow her down but she's so not used to this many books in her house. Mommy fail. But I'm making up for it and I showed her some books. She picked out a few and I picked out some as well since she could only get 5 at this time.

These were the books that we decided on: I will probably get the word book again because it's just chock full of words that I can teach to Sofia. She needs to get on the ball with learning more things. I don't want to force her of course but it can't hurt to help her learn.

After we went to the library, we went to Alicia and Juan Sr.'s house. We usually go when we are already out since we're in the truck already. It was surprising because everybody was there this time. We had a good time talking and just hanging out.

We ate some good mother in law food ( she never disappoints) and then we headed for home. Just in time for some Tom and Jerry which is what Juan and Sofia watch together before she goes to sleep. I managed to get one more photo in for the night before tucking back in to sleep.

I hope you enjoyed just one random day in our life. Sometimes they are planned and sometimes they are just on a whim like today but one thing is for sure...they are always full of love and fun.

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