Monday, August 31, 2015

A Month of Instagram- August 2015

On my way to shooting a quinceaneara

A pic of my sister and me for sister's day

One of the photos I took for the quince session

A rough draft of the new hairstyle for Sofia

Ready for church!

The finished product of the hairstyle for Sofia

Lesson plan for the munchkin

Fun at the water gardens

About to go to church and looking good while doing it!

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Stepping Onto the Road of Vlog

It's been an experience for me on my blogging journey here on RTOK. I have been trying to blog this life of mine since 2011. That year just seems so long ago, doesn't it? I mean I was practically just a newlywed and a pregnant newlywed at that! So knowing that there have been so many posts since then makes my heart sing and also to dance with joy!

There aren't many followers for my journey but that's ok because I know I still have a whole lot of life to go to be able to meet some new friends. I'm ecstatic that I'm able to share you know?

Now... 484 posts later, I'm thinking that I'm ready to start a new chapter in my blogging and that is the chapter of video! I have been so intrigued with watching people sharing their life and not even their perfect lives at that. It inspired me to try this Vlog thing out. I had attempted to do a video kind of thing with my instagram in March and July, but it didn't catch on with me for some reason. This time around I want to keep up with this as much as I can within reason.

Earlier this evening I made my first video post and while it was pretty out of the blue and I look like I didn't even try to make myself up, I still was so incredibly proud that I did it. Sofia even came in and gave the video some cuteness that only she can conjure up. Have a look here! You might to up the volume though. I was so nervous just even making this! I'll get better at this.


So, where do I see this going? I'm not sure, but if people can blog about anything in their lives...why can't I? I know that Juan won't be a huge part of it; he's too shy and quiet but he's okay with being in some scenes in action. Sofia will be a GIGANTIC part of it. I mean, come on-she's just adorable. My mom will be in it at times and also just other people in my family as I film along. In no way possible does this mean that I will stop blogging here. I'll be blogging but I'll also be incorporating this new adventure inside it was well!

So please feel free to join me and my family on a more personal insight to our lives. Hopefully you won't regret it and enjoy every moment of my life as we start doing better in all ways possible.

Here's to the new road.

Friday, August 28, 2015

The Queen's Pen: Overabundance

Tax season is pretty far away but I can't help but already plan what to get with our return. I know sometimes it seems as if that's all I want all the time is money, but seriously...who doesn't need money? Especially nowadays! You know, sometimes I wish that I could win the lottery Juan would win the lottery so we wouldn't have worry about anything.


What would we use the money for? Well let me see...

First and foremost, we'd pay off our home. Then debts would be cleared out for serious. With the big stuff out of the way and off of our shoulders then we can focus on the things we want. With my share (because Juan has told me many times that I would have a share if he won the lottery), I would make sure that my parents were ok with whatever they needed. They did it for me so I would love to give it back.

I would also oversee what we use Sofia's share for. Clothing would be a priority. We have clothes for her but we can always use more. Then I would get her things that benefit her life; flash cards, learning programs.  You know, things that can further her mind. Then and only then would we get fun stuff for her like toys and other things, you know.

Now that we are done taking care of the ones I love, I can focus on myself. What would I do if money wasn't an issue?


* I would get new photography equipment: A second camera definitely! One more even! Props and the like, Photoshop and Lightroom would also be a plus.


* Clothing changes: Let's just say that my closet would have way more than it currently has.


* Travel to places I always wanted to go to: Japan, Australia, Italy etc. With money not being an issue, travel shouldn't be either, right?


* Eat More Healthy Foods: I mean come on! It's just ridiculous how expensive it is to eat right. It's almost as if society really just wants us to get obese and get whatever come with that. Nope. With all kinds of money though, we can get more fruits, more veggies, more whole grain breads and the likes. I want my family healthy. Who doesn't?

* Take care of my car: I haven't even gotten to drive my car yet and it already needs service. With money I could get that taken care of and get on the road!

* Hell, get a new car all together: Pockets full, no problem right?


* Home Decor: I know you know that my home is slacking when it comes to charm, though my cousin did comment on how cozy it was. Cozy is a good word, but it doesn't mean that my house looks good! Not only would I get stuff, but it would be good brand stuff. I'm talking Pottery Barn, Pier 1 and the like! I want a home I can come into and be proud of.


* Finally, I would be able to start paying for and planning for mine and El Rey's vow renewal. Everything I ever wanted for our wedding, I would be able to to! Just even thinking about that is making me giddy as heck!

So as you can see, there are a lot of things I could take care of if money wasn't even an issue. There are so many things I want or need but if I would be blessed enough to have that money in the first place, then anything I could get would be a blessing too.

So tell me...what would you get in your wildest dreams if money wasn't ever an issue?

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Family Member Profile: Jessica

Name: Jessica Maria
Nickname: Jessie or as I call her "Pookie"
Birthdate: August 27, 1996
Relation: Cousin (however not blood related)

Occupation: Waitress

Likes: pastel colors, Chinese food, dancing, getting in shape, makeup and hair extensions

Dislikes: mustard, mayo, denim jeans, people smacking food

Something Jessie Accomplished: Being a part of the Highlandettes drill team and growing to have a better personality in life.

This wonderful lady right here is a person who no matter how long we don't see each other, or how long we don't chat with one another, is always in a deep part of my heart. She grew up with me and my dad and loves us a lot. But who is Jessica? Well let me tell you.

Jessica is the younger sister of Ehren who you have read about before. They maybe be brother and sister but they are so different from one another! When I think of Jessie...I think of a painting and a free form painting at that. Just vibrant and colorful in all angles but still a beautiful piece of work! She lives with her mother in Llano, TX and since graduating has been just trying to live her life as a grown woman. I'm just amazed by what a beauty she is!

But before she was the beauty she is...she was a cutie pie! I mean, Jessica was the definition of child! She was so imaginative and the stuff she would come up with would just be so unique. Like she would just come up to us and say "Splat!" and pretend to put a pie in our faces. The words she would say and the things she would do. She had us laughing! She also had a huge mane of curly hair that if you were careful, would be all over her head!

I used to stay over at her dad's house during the summer and would spend so much time with her and her brother. She and I would watch movies together like "The Cheetah Girls" and would just sing and dance and all of that. She loved to play video games and loved to play the Sims and Second Life. Hell, to this day she probably still loves all of that! When she moved with her mom, I didn't really see her a lot since she was so far away but I still loved her and missed her.

Then I found out that she was in her Senior year and not only that, but she was a part of her high school drill team, the Highlandettes. I was so proud of her and still am to be honest that she was a part of them. Even took an hours long ride in a car to see her perform at half time one day. I can tell that she was so happy to be dancing and just the movements and the flexibility that she learned let you know that she was doing great there!

As I'm sitting here writing this post on  Jessica's birthday, I'm just so proud of the woman that she's becoming. She is so caring and funny and creative. The things she can draw and write I just want so much for her in life and even though we'll never be able to wake her up through a storm if we needed to...I know what she's going to go so far! I just hope I will be able to take the journey with her!

Happy Birthday, Pookie! Love you so muches!

More photos of Jessica

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Ortiz Kingdom Fun: A Day at the Water Gardens

Even though August is coming to an end soon, the heat still hasn't lessened here in Texas. It usually doesn't cool down until late September or Mid-October. At least, that's how I feel the temperature goes. We really haven't done a lot of Summer stuff this year; the heat has just been unbearable lately but when we are really feeling cooped up we go out and have some fun. Our latest go-to spots are the Water Gardens in Downtown Fort Worth and Yogurtland.

The Active Pool
This was the second time we took Sofia and the first time we took Kearrah here. Last time didn't work out so well with Sofia because I didn't think to get her some spare clothes to change into. So when we went into Yogurtland, she was in her long T-shirt and her pull up. But this time we came prepared with changes of clothes, towels and the like.

Good thing too...cause sister girl was all in that water this time around!

Here are the photos of them at the Active Pool section of the gardens. There are more sections around but we didn't see them. Maybe next time.

What a great cousin that Kearrah is.

Random water shot

Somebody loves the element of water

#photographerfail I so didn't even take account of the sun in KeKe's eyes.

Mor water shot

Active Pool up close and personal

Why yes...that is my child just getting comfortable there.

Happiness defined.

Current fave pic. Just the balance of the focus and depth of field is greatness.

Proof that I was indeed there. El Rey took this shot.

Showing me her teeth cause saying "smile" just doesn't cut it.

Ke had no problem smiling for me though.

My soaked offspring

The tall beauty that is Kearrah Alexis
So after that, we went to Yogurtland, seeing as the sun was right on us and where there is sun...there is heat and so on and so forth. Kearrah had a many of firsts today because she hadn't been to the water gardens or Yogurtland so I was glad I was able to take her before she started school. Still got a couple of years to go before this little princesa has to pack a backpack. Hell, she might not even pack one at all depending on if I want to homeschool her. But that, my for another post!

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