Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Welcome Back, July! - Monthly Goals

Holy crap...could it really be July already?! I swear I just got through talking to you all about what was going on in June! Slow down 2015, I still need to board!

What do you all think of the new look? I love it; it seems less cluttered and more me. The last look I had going was just a template I bought for cheap and the more and more I wrote in it the less and less it felt like me! So, I took the path that a few of my blogger friends did and just decided to do it all myself. It was cheaper and I made it exactly how I wanted it. Win/Win! There are still some things I need to work on with this but, over all it looks great and signals a new change in my life.

 Anyway... another month is here and it's time for me to let you know the low down of what's going to be happening during the 7th one of the year.

1. First off...Sofia is a patriotic kid this week. Seeing as she has an abundance of red white and blue outfits for the Independence holiday, I figured-"why not let her wear all of them? she won't fit majority of them after this year. I'm going take photos of each outfit this week and then make a post showing them off on the 4th, because come on...who doesn't love a American kid in red white and blue?! This mama does!

2. Also during this week, my church is going to be doing the first night of some fun family nights every week this month. There's going to be a drive in with old classic cars and food. It's so exciting to know that I have a church home that is so in tune with it's congregation. I really love going there. Other nights are going to include a field day, a game night, and a night at a water park. Not sure about the water park one, but definite for the other nights!

3. Yours truly will be turning 30 on the 17th! Yep...over the hill. Though I don't really feel like that's what's happening. I feel like I'm still climbing said hill. But since it seems to be the saying for 30 year olds I'll accept it for now. What are the plans? Not really sure...but I'm sure my mom will think of some awesome stuff! Whatever I can get I'll take happily. My mother did say that we can go traveling next year. I want to go to Japan but we'll see what we can get. Italy might be a close second. Kudos to me for making it to 30 while still looking good.

Ah, yassss...only about 10 5 gray hairs. I'm doing great.

6. Not only will I be having a birthday, my cousin Ryan is having one on the 10th, my cousin Brenda is the day after mine and of course, my road mom's birthday is five days before mine on the 12th. I love knowing that I was her birthday present. Even if I was a painful one! Not sure what she's doing for her birthday, but I'll be there!

7. Finally, since I have my car, I'll be working on getting that much needed drivers license this month. I'm nervous as heck but I'm willing to go all out and do what I need to do to get it. Parallel parking practice, here I come!

So that's the goals of the month for me. What are yours?


  1. Love the new design! I'm a big fan of the more simplified looks I've been seeing lately. (Which is why I went with that look when I updated mine a couple months ago!) I'm impressed that you did it yourself! I tried playing around a bit to see what I could do and I just got frustrated. So I did buy mine from Etsy.

    I'm sad to admit that Mila really doesn't have much red, white, and blue clothing. I went looking at Target over the weekend and the only dress I liked wasn't available in her size.

    Yay for another July birthday - hope your 30s are as amazing as mine have been!

  2. Love the new look, very fresh looking! Little miss in her patriotic outfit is so cute! Happy birthday month!


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