Wednesday, July 8, 2015

The Kingdom 30 #7- A.K.A Bitzsoi

My little purple tumblr haven of happiness

#7- How did you find Tumblr and how has it changed your life?

I have a tumblr as you all can see above in my social media buttons. It's a great addition to all of the websites I call my own and love, but this one was a lucky find. In 2012 after I found Pinterest, I just happened upon Tumblr. I made an account and just kind of went with the flow of it. The first few months had no posts. Then as things started to settle down in our new house, I started to once again get into it. I was just amazed by all of the beautiful pictures and funny posts and knew I had to make my own look. Thus A.K.A Bitzsoi was made!

I love to reblog beautiful views, inspirational quotes, bible verses and so much yummy food I know I will never eat. I also make sure to share my Instagram photos so other tumblr people know that I'm a real person with a real life! Not that it's mandatory or anything.

Other than my main Tumblr page I also have many others but these are mostly for writing and novel inspiration. One thing Tumblr is known for is the carefree way of having nudity on their blogs. I'm no prude and I'll confess it; I do have many naughty photos on my novel tumblrs. But I do also write Erotic Romance so goes hand in hand.

I really do love Tumblr but's been irritating the hell out of me. Like when I first started on it, I could scroll for hours and hours and hours through pictures with no problem. Now when I scroll I can only get to a certain number of photos before it starts acting like it can't load anymore. Don't know what is but either Tumblr or Chrome needs to get it together.

But in ending...I still love Tumblr and don't see it leaving my sight any time soon.

How my current relationship with Tumblr feels...
Do any of you awesome people have Tumblrs? If so, leave me a link and I'll check it out!

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