Saturday, July 4, 2015

The Kingdom 30 #3

#3- My favorite television program

You know...I could have answered a whole bunch of answers for just this one question. There are so many favorite programs that I love to waste my time watching. But I had to pick one so I picked one that never have a problem watching: Family Feud. I know...what a random show to pick right? But it is what it is and I LOVE watching me this show. 

I love that Steve Harvey is the host because it never fails...his facial expressions are the best! If you have a wrong answer, his face will tell you. If you have a right answer, his face will tell you. It's win/win! Sometimes I believe that the answers are not family oriented...but damn, what is nowadays other than children's programs and even that's iffy. 

When I watch this show, I have no problem yelling out the answers and not to toot my own horn or nothing, usually I get them right. Usually...but not all the time. But it makes me feel so smart! I tell my family whenever we are watching it that we should go on there. I think we could totally win a car or 20,000! We can dream, right?

How I react whenever I get an answer right...haha.

So tell me...what's your favorite TV show?

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