Monday, July 27, 2015

The Kingdom 30 #26- Japan Wishes

#26- Name one place you'd love to visit one day

There are plenty of places in the world...hell, even just in the USA that I would love to go and visit. But when I get asked this question, there is only one place that immediately pops up and that place is Japan.

My first choice wasn't always Japan, however. When I was younger I would have picked Australia  as my place to go to. While I still have the land down under on my list of places, Japan has moved into the number one spot.

Why Japan?

I want to see the beauty of the tiny island is one reason but really its to see the culture and to try the food. Japan is just so full of life and from what I see when I read up about it, you never know what you'll see, especially in Tokyo. The Japanese are always thinking up new and awe-inspiring things that you just won't find here in America. That's why I want to go! Take it all in and then be able to come back and just say, "Damn, I went to Japan."

When my mother and I went to Disney World for my 21st birthday, we went to Epcot and the World Showcase. I pretty much lived in the Japan section! I even bought a necklace there that had the same symbol as the scroll in above picture. This is the word "Dream" and I wore that necklace every day to remind me to go for my dreams. I still have the dreams to be a successful writer, photographer and blogger but now...I'm going to add going to Japan to that list as well.

My mother says that for my 30th, she's going to put a trip to Japan on layaway though I'm not sure if that's still in the future. But if it best believe I'm going to be prepared to go in the Ortiz reina style!

Are you wishing for a place to go to? Let me know!

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