Thursday, July 16, 2015

The Kingdom 30 #15- My Love for Cake

15. Tell about your favorite junk food

Cake! I can't stress enough how much I love cake. Not even just the birthday cake kind either. I love making cakes from the box too!

I love yellow cake with chocolate frosting. For flavor reasons and for sentimental reasons too. My Nanny used to make these sorts of cakes for no reason at all but to make them. I adored her for that because she always made sure that we were happy with little things like this. She would make the cake and have the house smelling all sweet inside before frosting it and putting it in a crystal cake tray. Whenever people would come over, they were free to eat as much of it as they wanted. She didn't care, she just wanted us to eat it. So that's my reason for liking this cake so much. Oh and because it's soooo good.

As long as I have cake...I'm a happy reina!

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