Saturday, July 11, 2015

The Kingdom 30 #10- My Muttface

#10-Talk about your pets or the pets you'd like to have

Pets. Pets are non-existent in the Ortiz household. For the moment or forever? I can't say but that doesn't mean that I didn't grow up with animals in my life. Some were awesome and some not so but there was one really special animal in my life. Everybody knew how close she was to my heart and rightfully placed there.

Sammie was her name, she was a Rottie/Shepherd mix and she was the best dog I ever had in my life. We got Sammie while I was sixteen and living at my dad's house. She belonged to a neighbor who had given her the name she came with. I remember the first day she came to our house. The neighbor had came to the door and when my dad opened it, the neighbor said, "Hey I have something for you." When my dad asked what it was, he said, "Her." I was so excited and practically begged my dad to keep her. When he finally relented and decided to keep her, she ran inside and immediately tried to sit in my lap like she was some kind of Pomeranian or something.

She was just a joy and was still a puppy when we got her. Biggest puppy ever but still just a puppy. I pretty much trained her to do anything and everything and she was so smart. She knew how to do the basics: sit, lay down, stay and come and even speak, but she also knew other things. Like when I would tell her to get in the bathtub, she would get in without hesitation. When I told her to go upstairs, she would go or go to her room which was her own little corner of comfy bedcovers. She would walk beside us without a leash unless she saw a cat. If she saw a cat, she'd just bolt off and run after it. She hated cats with a passion.

This doggy was more than just a pet...she was one of my best friends. We slept in the same bed together where she would warm my toes. She would come and cuddle up on me and just lick my face. She would play tug of war with me or pretend to fight with me, growling all playful. She loved me so much and I loved her just the same.

The keyword to all of this is WAS. Sammie is no longer with me. I had to make the sad decision to put her down last May. It broke my heart but the same time, I'm relieved because she was suffering from a tumor. So now she's romping around in heaven with the Lord. She was the best and I'm not sure I will ever find a dog the same way she was.

Speaking of finding dogs...I bet a lot of you are wondering if a dog is in the future for the Ortiz familia. The answer is very clouded. There could be a chance, but the only thing is agreeing on where the dog will be. Will it be mostly outside so can be a guard dog like Juan wants or will there be a compromise and the dog can come in from time to time like I would want? No telling...but right now there is no compromising and as such is no dog. We're all right with that but maybe when Sofia gets a bit older she can convince El Rey to get a dog.

Here's hoping...

Let's hear some stories about your pets!

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