Friday, July 24, 2015

My Little Morning Beauty

While I do love doing the Kingdom 30 all month does it a bit monotonous and when it gets like that, I forget to do them or I just pick and choose answers that I want to do. Call me a blog challenge cheater if you want, but is what it is *insert huge smile here*

I have noticed lately that I've been slacking on my photography skills because I've either been in a writing mood or I've just been in a slump. So yesterday morning, I decided to get on the ball to see if I remembered what I learned from the Clickin Mom's class that I took. Sofia was all too happy to be the model of the moment while she ate her banana for a small breakfast snack. We don't have a lot of windows in our house *insert sad face* so our lighting is mediocre. We hope to change that in the future when we are able to do some renovations, that I'll talk about in a way future post. But despite the lighting I was pretty happy with what came out of the photos.

She is feeling that banana.

If you haven't noticed, but hopefully you have, Sofia's hair is not so curly as it usually is. That's cause Mommy finally realized that she needed to comb her hair as often as possible at night (new mom here-still learning) I don't wash it every day; it frizzes something awful. But I've found that organic coconut oil from Trader Joe's is helping it to look moisturized and it's more easier to manage. She's not a fan of getting her hair done, because her hair gets a lot of tangles but it has to be done or she'll be the next model for the Pampers "I feel pretty" commercial.

She wanted me to take a photo of her toys for some reason. What baby wants...

I still have some work to do with my camera and better understanding it but when I get beautiful photos like this, it makes it worthwhile.

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  1. Sofia is adorable. She looks so much older with her hair like that - I can't believe it! That first picture is my favorite, but they all came out great! Have a great weekend!!


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