Monday, July 6, 2015

A Patriotic Princess and Our 4th of July

I hope everybody has had a blast this weekend! My 4th was all right...but it could have been better give or take a few things. I'll tell you about how we spent the 4th, but first thing's first. This week as I explained in the monthly goals consisted of Sofia wearing cute patriotic outfits. She was the cutest thing ever and while I'm pretty sure Papi and Mom were tired of seeing her in those same colors all week long, Mommy wasn't and I was all too happy to get pictures of her to show you all.

So without further ado...

 The start of the red white and blue cuteness...Sofia actually wore this last Fourth of July.

Sofia was rocking that headband...even though at first she lost it and I had to go exploring like Dora through the house to find it!

 Seeing her little potbelly sticking out of that shirt just made me smile every time I saw it.

 This was my absolute favorite of them all this week. That hair was an impromptu choice before pictures, but it totally rocked.

 Best hairstyle I believe and while she was wearing shorts at first all day...the skirt Sofia picked for herself afterwards was a good choice too!

 As you can see, Sofia took a break from photo modeling and chilled out in a awesome Old Navy shirt and jean shorts.

There was an independence day theme at my church today so Sofi made sure she represented.

What an overabundance of patriotic clothing right? I honestly have no idea where they all came from but seeing as Sofia is just growing like a weed every day...I took the opportunity to dress her up and all of them. The pictures came out great even if I had to tell Sofia to constantly show me her teeth in order to get a smile. #photographermomproblems

So onto the holiday! Sadly Juan had to work on the 4th of July holiday so it was just my mom, Sofia and myself for the majority of the day. I really needed a new 4th of July shirt; my Old Navy one from 2011 just wasn't cutting it anymore so we headed to Old Navy to see if they had any.


I wasn't surprised- those shirts are pretty popular. Sofia got one from my sis so she was set for the day and I managed to get a nice shirt for only $5. Good start to the day. After Old Navy we went to the mall to let Sofia play around in the play area and to spend some time. My cousin Audia graduated from the Ogle School so we celebrated at On the Border. I was a little disappointed that there wasn't any barbecue to eat that day but I still got a good barbacoa enchilada plate that made me happy and a nice margarita too.

We then went to my mom's best friend's house where we partied to some oldies and then I participated in the longest UNO game in existence. Nobody won that game cause we were too busy wondering who's turn it was or what rules were what. I swear the rules to that game change all the time.

Before I knew it was time for us to go to see the fireworks. We used to have just one set area to watch them but lately we've been just trying to catch them in time wherever we can. This year we went to a bridge to watch a couple of shows. It would have felt like a better place had it not been spider infested and right on the side of a somewhat busy road. Still we were able to see some of them. I totally missed the finale of the fireworks show while trying to get music together for us. So that was also a disappointment. But as long as Sofia got to see them, I was happy. We ended our night singing "God Bless the USA" and "Happy Birthday to You" really loud and waving our huge flags. It was sad that Juan couldn't make it to the fireworks with us but we made it work regardless.

I love the 4th and even though this wasn't the best one ever...I know there are many more to come that are going to be even better. Here is Sofia and myself in past years.

Year 2012

Year 2013

Year 2014

What did you all do on your holiday? I can't wait to find out!

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  1. So many cute outfits and cute pictures of Sofia!

    It's funny how you said you had to tell Sofia to show you her teeth to get a smile. I usually have to do something ridiculous like dance or make funny noises to get Mila to smile. But we had her 2 year photos done on Friday (a friend of ours is a professional photog) and the kid posed and smiled like she does photo shoots for a living. I couldn't believe it!


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