Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Welcome Back June!- Monthly Goals

Is it seriously almost summertime? It's really feeling that way with temperatures rising up to the nineties now. Better get some powder for times where I get extra sweaty. Sweat isn't my friend but summer is and I'm ready to start planning for some summer fun. Here are some things for June that are happening in the Ortiz Kingdom.

1. On June 6th,  my mom and I are helping out with Habitat for Humanity with our church. I love being helpful for people that aren't as lucky as we are in life. We'll be helping to paint or fix up a house for a family to live in. Yeah, it might be hot outside, but I'm happy to do it cause I would want somebody to do it for me if the tables were turned.

2. On that same date, Juan's younger cousin Jorge is graduating high school. It's pretty awesome because he is the last teenager to graduate for a while. Next one will be Eva when the time comes around. I'm pretty proud of him-he doesn't really talk to me, but anybody that puts his life on the right track on purpose is ok with me! Congrats, Jorge!

3. On the 13th, I have a photo session with my sis Elise and her best friend's son who is also graduating...from kindergarten (insert an "awww" sound here). We are thinking we'll do it at the Botanical Gardens but maybe we'll get the little guy on a playground too. He is a kid after all...

4. Also on the 13th, Kearrah will be celebrating her 10th birthday at Putt Putt. Her birthday is on June 5th but maybe the timing was the only way to get her party. Let me take a minute and say, "This girl is gonna be 10? Double digit aged already?" I can't believe it! It will be Sofia's first time doing mini golf. I hope she has fun!

5. It's almost Father's day! Do I have something for El Rey already? Why yes...yes, I do. (Won't tell you what it is though...he's starting to read my blog now) Do I think he'll like his gift? I have a feeling he might. Is he the best Papi ever? Yes, yes he is and I can't wait to celebrate his day like he celebrated mine. A post will have the details on that! As for my dad...he's been such a big help for me this month, I just have to show him how I care and I already have a good gift in mind for him as well.

6. I want to get a family picture of Juan, Sofia and I this summer. I also want to get some of Sofia and Juan and one of Sofia and myself to put on the wall where our television is. Maybe this weekend will be good!

7. At the end of this month and the beginning of July, I'm going to be dressing Sofia all week in patriotic colors in the spirit of the Fourth of July holiday. Stay tuned for all that red, white and blue cuteness!

Birthdays for June are for Kearrah, Jodi, and Alicia as far as I know. So yep, it's going to be a full month but I can't wait to get it going!

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