Thursday, June 11, 2015

Today I

I wore: A gray shirt and some blue and white basketball shorts. Look down below to find out why...

I did: After the kidlet was taken to the in-laws, I took the rare opportunity to fully clean the kitchen, clean the living room and sweep/vacuum. It's always so hard to clean when a toddler is ready to bring every toy in existence out on to your newly cleaned room. Sofia is no exception to that. Trust.

I cooked: Nothing. My hubby brought home some lasagna that Alicia made. Always delish!

I listened to: Blow by Beyonce, Earned It by The Weeknd

Best Part of the Day: Had a pretty good conversation with my neighbor Kathy about our lives. We both are excited about things we want to do for our house. My mind is just churning with things to do inside of it. My hubs might have to be the one to start on the outside of it.

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