Sunday, June 14, 2015

Putt Putting at Kearrah's 10th Birthday Party!

Is this real? Is this truly the young lady that has brightened my life since she was an itty bitty? Yes, it's truly Kearrah! I had explained earlier that she was turning 10 on the 5th and now we celebrated it at Putt Putt in Arlington. The plan was to play some games and some miniature golf...keyword is WAS.

When we arrived, there was a large rain cloud above us. My iphone had told me a tiny little fib about there not being rain until about seven. Alas...couldn't rely on my phone this time:

It poured.

Rain teased us saying "Nope, you're not going to golf today." It was a huge bummer.

Might have been a huge bummer...but you couldn't tell when Kearrah came in for her party. She was all smiles. It was Sofia's first time going to Putt Putt and she was a busy body! I couldn't keep up with her and neither could the others. Time to keep a closer eye on her. I'm glad she had fun though. She loved the race car games the best and kept going on them over and over again even though she

The party area was cute for a small party and they put such good detailing for Kearrah's day. Adorable as all get out too. You guys know I had to snap some stuff!

It was a small crowd for Kearrah's birthday but she didn't mind at all. She was just glad to have somebody there and really had a blast. You can tell from these pictures taken here.

Sofi waiting for cake

Ooh Lawd...the sass is strong with these two

Her gifts from my mom

Correction...the sass is strong with all four.

We stayed at Putt Putt for four hours...yeah it's a long time but as long as my little cousin had a great time playing games and getting tickets then it was worth it. Personally I had fun and I hope that Kearrah has many more fun parties like this. They really make her day.

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