Sunday, June 21, 2015

Our Fathers Day Weekend

I just want to say that my daughter truly has the best father ever. Not once in her three years of life has my husband ever done her wrong nor neglected her and I truly believe in my heart that he will never do so. It warms my heart to see them playing together, eating together, watching tv together or taking naps together. God has truly blessed me with this man for my daughter and I will continue to be thankful for him every day I can have ability to do so. We love you, Babe! Keep up the good work and Happy Fathers Day!

This paragraph was made on Facebook but it is the darn truth! My husband truly excels when it come to fatherhood. Yes, he's a busy man, working to keep our house going and to feed us, but that still doesn't stop him from coming home from said work and giving Sofia a little cuddle or to play tag around the living room with her. She loves him sooo much. In fact...sooo much is an understatement. I just had to make sure that his weekend was a good one. So far so good I think...

Yesterday we started with some arts and crafts with Sofia in the morning. Now generally speaking...I'm not the best with arts and crafts except when it comes to scrapbooking, but we pulled of something with some notebook paper, markers, crayons and stickers. She had a good time making Papi's art but when it came to the other fathers in her life (Grand-dad, Abuelito and Tio) she was less than thrilled to keep doing it.  But it got done and that's what matters!

Later that day after we finally took care of our bedroom and bathroom area we as a family of three got dressed and decided to do some family photos. I have been thinking about adding some more photos of us in our whole house and this was a good start to them all. Now...I only have a majority of Juan/Sofia pictures in this post and just one of the whole family to show you. Why is that? Well...

1. This is Fathers Day so it's appropriate that it's more of him and Sofi

2. While my husband is a great father...a great photographer he is not. So my photos of Sofia were focused mainly on the bush behind us and not our faces. We'll give them a try another day.

Sofia looks like she's saying, "Hit me up on a phone call later."

This will go above our fireplace. What do you all think?
We then went to Juan's parents house. La familia decided to celebrate Fathers Day early. So we got our cards and some good cerveza and had some great fun. It was the first time in five years that we finally got it in our heads to get some citronella candles. No more sharing food with those nasty flies. The food was on point and I was happy to see my brother-in-law Ruben and my soon to be sister-in-law, Bianca. Chapito was also there with his adorable self.

Look at this adorable chunk! This picture was take a couple of days before so...his hair was different than the hair cut he got that day.

After all the fun we had there, it was after midnight. As Juan and his family celebrate Christmas right at that time, I decided why not spread out the tradition and let him have his gift. I hinted on it here at an earlier time. But when he saw his new t-shirt...he was grinning from ear to ear. He loved it. I just knew I had to find a shirt that said "Papi" instead of Daddy as I rarely hear Sofia call him that. This store at Etsy was a great find and they have so many other shirts to choose from too. Check it out!

El Rey wore his shirt with style at church (great sermon by the way) and now at this moment is relaxing in our bed with La Princesa for naptime. I'm still trying to figure out if this was a cute moment I shot but...I'll go with yes. What the plans for later? Maybe we'll go and visit my dad, but afterwards, Sofia will be going back to my in-laws to spend the week there. It will be a good time for me to get some stuff done like filling out applications for a work at home job, get a new SS card, etc... Good times right?

I hope that your dads and husbands have a wonderful Father's Day full of joy and love!

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  1. What sweet photos! That one of the three of you is perfection! I love hearing about men that are genuinely good dads, especially to daughters. It is so, so important for little girls to have great men in their lives. Sounds like a great Father's Day weekend! :)


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