Friday, June 19, 2015

On the Road Again

This summer is going to be the start of a new life for me. How so? Well I have finally have my first car! I need to tell some backstory and how I found this opportunity.

I wasn't able to learn how to drive as a teenager from reasons being either time, money or the fact that there wasn't drivers ed in my school lame I know.. As I got older I wondered why I wasn't able to drive a car then; still getting rides from everybody to MOSTLY everywhere. Everytime I tried to drive I would either only do it once  or would have a person that was too scared and anxious to teach me (ex. Mom) The only person that hasn't been nervous about driving in the car with me is my own husband and I truly have to thank him because he has really taught me a lot and been really patient with me when driving his truck (that is a feat in itself because that truck is his baby). I mostly got experience driving with him or by myself to like the store nearby.

As I'm nearing my 30th birthday, I have decided that this year is the last year I will be without driving. The last year that I will have to explain why I'm not driving. I'm ready to be free and do the things I've always wanted to do on the road. Just a few for example...

1. I get to visit friends and family I don't normally get to.

2. I get to take Sofia and myself to important places like doctor appointments.

3. I get to take Sofia to the park and the library

4. I get to meet my photography clients where ever they need me...within reason.

5. I get to go wherever I want, whenever I want!

Lawd...Just writing that list has me plenty excited! So now it's time to tell you how I got my blessings. The first was in the form of my awesome neighbors, Jose and Kathy. I had just so happened to look outside of my house and saw their '99 Ford Taurus for sale. I instantly looked at the sky and said, "That was you, Lord. Thank you." They have been awesome in this whole car buying business.

The second blessing came in the form of my dad who is actually buying the car for me. I am so very happy that he is doing this for me. Years and years I really thought that he didn't care enough about me to get things I wanted or needed but when he did this for was like my mind was wiped clean. We all have problems in life; maybe I should have just been patient when I was younger. Understood better. I dunno. But long story short-he's done a good thing for me.

So what's next? Well, I need to definitely get my license. That's first and foremost. I'll take my written test online so all I'll have to do is just go and get my driving test done.

What's that song that I want to end this with? Oh, yes! On the road again...I can't wait to get on the road again... *insert Donkey's voice here*

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