Saturday, May 23, 2015

Throwback Days- Mom's 50th Birthday Surprise

I can't believe it is almost time for Summer which means we are getting closer to July which also means we are getting closer to my 30th birthday! I'm not sure what I'm doing for it but I'll be happy whatever it is. My mom had her 50th birthday last year and what a time that was! She really thought nobody cared about her special day and in a way...we didn't. What I mean by that is that we had a huge birthday party planned for her, and so we had to pretend that her birthday was no big deal. It was easier said than done especially when she wanted to plan a birthday party for my own birthday which is five days after hers. I had to make a whole lot of excuses to keep her from suspecting anything.

On the day of her birthday, Mom's best friend Cynthia and I took her out to a nice club to hang out at. I knew she was having fun but it wasn't what she wanted. Still we partied our bootangs off. Then on that following Saturday, we acted as if nothing was happening and we went over to my in laws to get dressed for the party. It was located at Cynthia's house and when everyone got there we started getting things ready: food, decorations, presents etc. My aunt Kim got Mom a very unique cake as pictured below. When it was known that she was on her way in, we all hid behind the stairs and surprised the heck out of her! She was truly shocked; almost so that she looked confused. But just as she was surprised, she was thrilled that we had pulled this off for her. She couldn't believe I had kept it from her at home, but all I did was smile and hug her. She deserved this huge party; being the person that she is.

I know that that she's going to take the fifties by storm and I'm going to be right there with her as she does.

What a cake, right?

Mom nearly bowled over in surprise

Having a great time!

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