Sunday, May 10, 2015

The One Job I Never Want to Quit...

In my twenty-nine years I have done a variety of jobs in order to keep life going. I have been a cashier, a day care assistant teacher/floater, a patient transporter and have worked in admin. But each one has been a disappointment in some way or form and therefore wasn't kept as my job. It's sad, but I've always thought that I want to have a job that I would love to come to everyday.

But really...I have a job like that already. I have a wonderful job that I take full responsibility for. That job is being a mother to my beautiful little lady. It really is the best job I could have ever partaken in. The saying is that motherhood is a job paid in "hugs and kisses" and hell, I'll take that pay anyday! I will work overtime hours when my Sofia is sick and I will even travel to distances to make sure her day is bright. I don't have previous experience, but I'm learning as I go getting the training from the best mother in the world. Mommies out there-you know exactly what I mean. I don't want to leave this job. This is my career and I'm going do the best I can as Sofia's years of life go on.

She definitely deserves all of it.

For this wonderful day...I have made a collage of all of the pictures of me and my Sofia for all of her three years of life.


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