Saturday, May 2, 2015

The Kingdom 30- May #2

Part of "A Mother's Love" Blog Challenge

Mom, my earliest memory of you is...
It's fuzzy but I definitely remember a time where you and I would take a walk down this hill from our backyard to go and play at a park. I always thought that it was some kind of adventurous quest we were partaking, but it was really just to go and play. You always made sure I had some thing to do and have fun with and I loved that you thought about me enough to do that. Thank you.

When my daughter is grown, I want her to remember...

About how even though I am more firm than her Papi is, I'm also the most fun. I want her to remember how much I made her laugh because her laugh is seriously one of the most beautiful sounds in my life. It tells me that I'm making her happy; that I'm doing something right. Hopefully her days of laughter will be remembered more the ones that were not.

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