Sunday, May 10, 2015

The Kingdom 30- May #10

Part of "A Mother's Love" Blog Challenge

Mom, I am different from you in that...

I have grown up with more things involving animation and am more accepting of it. To me, cartoons are not just for kids, it's a means to express yourself and your creativity. We are so different in views with that , but you know what? That's ok! It's ok with me that you don't want to watch My Little Pony with me or Courage the Cowardly Dog and I'm sure it's ok with you that I don't always want to come in and watch Criminal Minds or any of your BBC shows with you. We can accept what we like and don't like and I love that about our relationship. 

I just hope that one day, I can show you the things that I really love; to show you why I love it so. But until then...we are just fine!

My child is different from me in that...

She can express herself at the drop of a hat and everybody knows what she's feeling. You can instantly tell when Sofia is mad or sad or best of all, happy.  There is no's just Sofia. With me, I feel like whatever emotion I'm feeling at the time is covered with a mask of depression. I could be just fine and still people ask me "what's wrong with you? Why do you look sad." It's frustrating and I wish I could change myself to make that work a lot better. 

I just stare in awe at how expressive my daughter is. She could be in drama with all that and I hope that it sparks in her. I would truly be her greatest fan!

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