Thursday, May 28, 2015

Glamour Baby || Princess Sofia's 3rd Birthday Photos

Like the two years before, I have decided to take pictures of Sofia for her birthday. The difference this year? I usually do them outside, but with the onslaught of rain that is just pummeling Texas this year, I couldn't really find time to get them done in the great outdoors. Bummer right? But then yesterday as I was just cleaning around the house I finally just had enough and told Sofia that we were just going get these pictures done. She was halfway for it as Sesame Street was on at the same time. I got her all dressed up in a dress she got for her 2nd birthday (relieved that she could still fit it), put a tiny bit of tinted lip balm on her tiny lips and some of my mom's jewelry that amazingly enough fit her little neck and fingers. Then we went into my mom's room and just let her go wild while I shot pics.

The pictures were amazeballs and I'm so happy that I finally got them done...a month later...but hey, better late than never!

Previous Years

1st Birthday

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