Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Family Member Profile: Kalyn

Photo taken by the awesome Ryan Phillips

Name: Kalyn Nicole
Crew of Funkadelics Name: Sunshine
Birthdate: May 27, 1993
Relation: 3rd Cousin

Occupations: Student and Amazon (?)

Likes: cooking, painting, traveling, Indian food, Chinese food, Mexican food, tres leches cake, coffee ice cream

Dislikes: spaghetti squash, fake food, long waits in the drive thru

Something Kalyn Accomplished: Learned how to take care of herself and also learned how to make delicious food and cakes.

This wonderful woman is a huge part of my life. Just like Courtney, Matt and her brother Eric, she grew up under my watch. She makes the third person out of our Prima Chicas group made of her, myself and Courtney (yeah I made that group name up just today, Kalyn. It works I think!) I'm just so totally amazed by her because of the woman that she has become. What do I mean?

Let's go back some years...

Kalyn used to be so shy as a child. Not so much as her older brother Ryan but still ...she didn't talk much. If you can picture an adorable little girl with pigtails hanging back from the group with her hands behind her back that's little how Kay was. I didn't feel so connected to her then as a bitty as we didn't have much to talk about, but as she started to grow older, she grew more in my heart.

Primas Chicas WAY back when. How long ago? I was 15.
I felt a special connection with her and Courtney and was able to just spend time with her easily. That kept going even as she grew into a grown woman. Now, she and I are the best of friends as well as cousins. I get a warming in my heart every time I hear from her. I love to chat with her just about everything and nothing. In fact, my sworn goal when we spend time together is to see just how much I can hear her laugh by making her do so. I usually accomplish it :P

Kalyn has been in our Talent Show with us as long as I can remember and was a part of our Crew of Funkadelics dance group. She is an, scratch that...EXTREMELY AWESOME dancer. The moves she makes up just blow me away. She was co-choreographer for a long time with me and we came up with some of the best routines together. I look forward to making up more in the future with her.

Yep, that's her. Right before her act in the talent show

Why do I love me some Kalyn? Well, that's easy enough. She is so caring, so easy going and all around...just freakin real. I don't ever have to worry about if she's all right because she is one to take care of what she needs to take care of. She's never going to be fake with me- there is no reason to be and I love that. I could keep this post without talking about her beauty but let's face it...what a stunner right? In all sorts of hair styles that keep me saying, "OOOH..." and such soulful eyes. Kalyn is know what? Words can't even express it.

In ending...what do I want for Kalyn? I want her to be genuinely happy in life. It's given her a couple of curve balls so far so maybe just the end, she will have every thing she ever wanted in life. I support her in whatever that will be and whoever she decides to have in her life because in the end, her happiness matters.

More pictures of Kalyn

On another note: HAPPY BIRTHDAY, KALYN! That's right, I made this right on your day!

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