Saturday, April 18, 2015

La Princesa || My Threenager to Be

From the time I was pregnant, I kept hearing the saying, "She's going to grow up so fast." Wow. Were they ever right! In just a couple of weeks, Sofia is going to be three. Three whole years! I'm just stunned because I can barely recognize this lady from the little roll of pudge she was when she was born. Sofia has gone through so many changes in her tiny little life. Some good and some not so good but she is still la princesa and the light of our lives.

Physical: Sofia weighs about 30-31 lbs now. She's not as skinny as I was when I was her age and her tummy has that cute toddler pudginess to it. Her face as really thinned out  from the past two years but the chubby cheeks (as her older cousin Karina calls them) still remain. Her hair has gotten so curly...moreso than I thought it would end up but it's still manageable. She knows how to do so much now. She can run, ride a tricycle, jump, throw a ball, hit said ball with a bat and knows how to pput on some clothes by herself; mostly shoes though.

Words: We used to worry about Sofia because she wouldn't really speak any words when she had turned one. We even had a speech therapist come out to see if she was all right. They said that the reason for the delay was most likely because she's learning two languages: English and Spanish at the same time. So we just waited.

That was then. Now...Sofi has just exploded with words and phrases. She's a pro with sentences. There are times however where she says a few words then goes in to some gibberish. I can only think that she's trying to speak Spanish. She understands Spanish very well as she spends time with my in-laws who speak to her in just that language.

Special Words that Soi Knows-  *Mommy *Papi *Love *Granddad *Tata (Abuelita) *TooToo (Abuelito) *TiTi (Tia) *Mimi *G.J. *Amazing *Awesome *Wow

Special Phrases- 
*What's Up? *Hey where's ____? *Mmmm (insert fave food here). I love (insert food again) *What are you doing, guys?  *I love you, (insert fave person at the time) *Come on, let's go! *I slept good
*(Person) is awesome *Hey, it's (person at the door), etc etc...

She constantly floors us with some new sentence that she learned. One day she was having a really bad diaper rash and when we asked her what was wrong she said "I need a doctor." OMG...a doctor, kid? Really? Keep us in stitches from laughing.

Mental and Personality: Sofia is very intelligent. She already knows her ABC's and her numbers up to 20. She surprised Mom by writing a P and telling her what it was. She just stuns me with how smart she can be. She a determined little lady too; if she tries something she want to make sure she can do it and so practices even all day long if she has to. The time put in pays off. A digital kid at heart, she doesn't take long to learn how to use cell phones or tablets even though Juan and I watch how often she is on the latter.

Normally, Sofia's personality is that of a sweetheart. She is very polite-saying excuse me and hello to people she sees or if she needs to get somebody's attention. She's compassionate-when she sees somebody crying, she immediately heads to the bathroom for that ONE piece of tissue to wipe your face with. Sofi's a hug lover and loves kisses just as much. She has a thing for males which I think comes from being a huge Daddy's girl. She shadows her uncles and granddad/abuelito and even hangs close to our neighbors older son when she goes for playdates. She's still pretty wary of kids her size but she's starting to stand up for herself. Sharing is a thing she's learning, but it's a slow process.

Recently however, we've noticed that she's starting to test our limits, not listening when we tell her to do things or the like. We make sure we correct on it but another part of her personality is that she is very sensitive so even the slightest deepening of our voice sets the floodgates open. It's frustrating, but we are doing what we can. All in all though...Sofia is a dollbaby to all who knows her.

Potty Training:
Oh yes, ya'll...we are in potty training territory and have been for the past year. Sofia is getting a lot better at going but we are still having times where she'll forget to tell us or just is too distracted. We started with a tiny potty for her thinking that maybe if it was her size she would want to do potty more. We were wrong and after a few puzzling months of on and off wet pull ups, we finally realized that she was more successful with doing her potty thing on the big toilet. So we got her a potty cushion for the toilet and ever since then she's been doing fairly well. I'm proud of her progress but we still got some ways to go.

Birthday Plans:
1st and 2nd birthday were a big fuss so this time I'm looking for something a little more low key. Not that Sofia's 3rd birthday is any less special than the first two but I want something that's a lot more fun for her than for us-the grown ups. So I was thinking maybe a park because she loves playing on the playground. Or maybe even at the Little Gym since she goes there every Friday anyway. There will be updates on that.

Right now though...I'm just hanging on to and loving year two as much as I can. I can't get it back.

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