Monday, April 27, 2015

A Lush Experience

This March we were financially blessed with our tax return and with my share I was able to get some things that I had been wanting such as my camera and camera bag. I was also able to get some things from Lush. For those that are unaware, Lush is a bath and body store known for making high quality items like their famous bath bombs. Skin care and other spa goods are sold there too. I was made known of them when my mom got a couple of bath bombs of her own and while I'm not a fan of the smell of rose, the fact that it was so thick of an aroma made me want my own. I just want to share my take on the three purchases I bought. Maybe it will propel you to try it like I did!


Out of the two bath bombs that I got, Sakura was the one I used last and I'm glad I waited on it because in terms of both scent and visual, it was lackluster. That didn't mean that I had a bad time with it. It softened the water and all in all made it a nice relaxing experience. This bath bomb is supposed to be channeling cherry blossoms from which it has been named after. This is good for maybe a bath that you are sure isn't going to take a long while.

via Brazened Honey


via A Bellvue Collection

 Now this bad boy! This one was my favorite out of the two and the one I used first. After I dropped Fizzbanger into the tub, it fizzled but unlike Sakura this one started turning yellow then blue and then finally mixed into a green. My water was green and so green that I was smiling from ear to ear at how cool it was. Once it finished fizzing out, an adorable piece of paper floated out from it that said "BANG!" I loved that! Oh and the smell! It smelled like apple cinnamon mixed with lemon. Heavenly from the moment I got in til even hours after. In fact if I'm not mistaken, the smell lingered there for another day. I recommend this one much more than Sakura but different strokes for different folks. One thing's for sure, I'll be purchasing this one once again.

Majority of bath bombs surprise you with either pieces of seaweed, flower petals or even glitter. They can be messy at times depending on what you get, but so worth it.


If there is one thing that I am disappointed with the most out of my purchases, it would have to be Lush's Herbalism cleaner. I wanted it because my face and body has been producing so much oil lately so I wanted to curb that a bit. So when I saw that Herbalism helped out a lot of people that had the same problem, I was all for it. But it's not what I expected. The smell is not desirable to me though to some it might work out. But the worse part is how messy it is. If you are ok with all that and are needing some help with your skin problems then Herbalism is for you. Maybe when I spend a bit more time with it, I might see some real results.

If any of these sound interesting to you then do what I did and take a look at the website which you can get to from the logo up top. If anyone has had Lush products before, please let me know what you got and how it worked for you! I'm always up to getting new things from that store.

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  1. I just read about Lush yesterday! I am dying to try their products. We don't have a store locally, so I'm going to have to order online. I'll have to check out some of these goodies!


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