Thursday, April 30, 2015

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Sofia is Three!

Holy cow, Sofia! You are another year older and you know what that makes you? Three whole years old! Mommy and Papi just can't believe it!

Your birthday was on Sunday but because the weather wasn't the best we decided to have your birthday on the day before. It was a good choice because the day was sunny and warm and perfect for a little princess to play in the park. It wasn't all smooth sailing though in the morning, in fact we weren't too sure what we were going to do and how we were going to do it. All Mommy knew was that she wanted you to have fun at the park. Make your party more about you having fun. So at the last minute we got everything together and got you as cute as a button. You were so happy to see your cousins, Kearrah and M'Kya and also your great-grandmother and your Mimi. You know who else came?  Your G.J. and Shannon love you so much; there was no way they were missing out.

The ones that came from tu familia was your Tia Martha and your primas. So that meant you got to play with Eva too! Everybody that loved you was there! How lucky are you, mi princesa?

When we got to Bicentennial Park, we were sad because all of the picnic areas were taken for tournaments or other birthday parties. We almost went back home but Mommy saved the day. She and Shannon found a nice table all to itself under some tress and while it wasn't ideal it was just right for your party. Mommy wanted you to have fun.

So after you played on the playground with your cousins, we went and had pizza and cake-cupcakes to be exact! This party wasn't exactly perfect as you have already read, but Mommy, Love and Papi for got all about the fire to light your candles! DOH! But it was loved eating those sweet cupcakes.

For your presents, you got some cute clothes and a dress, some fun things from GJ like a tiny magna doodle, a light up ball and some candy. He also got you a bubble blower you could hold. Papi and Mommy got you a Doc McStuffins and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse DVD, but your favorite toy was the one Tia Martha got you- a baby doll that came with a potty. A potty that even had fake peepee and poopie in it. Yeah, mommy was grossed out by that, but if it helps you learn better on your own potty, she's all for it!

All in all, your party was a peaceful success and even though it wasn't what mommy exactly planned, it worked out so much better than she thought and she's so happy so many came out in such short notice.

One day I hope you realize how much we truly truly love you, Sofia Anneliese. You are such a light in our lives. Happy Birthday, mi amor.

Sofia's Past Birthdays

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Monday, April 27, 2015

A Lush Experience

This March we were financially blessed with our tax return and with my share I was able to get some things that I had been wanting such as my camera and camera bag. I was also able to get some things from Lush. For those that are unaware, Lush is a bath and body store known for making high quality items like their famous bath bombs. Skin care and other spa goods are sold there too. I was made known of them when my mom got a couple of bath bombs of her own and while I'm not a fan of the smell of rose, the fact that it was so thick of an aroma made me want my own. I just want to share my take on the three purchases I bought. Maybe it will propel you to try it like I did!


Out of the two bath bombs that I got, Sakura was the one I used last and I'm glad I waited on it because in terms of both scent and visual, it was lackluster. That didn't mean that I had a bad time with it. It softened the water and all in all made it a nice relaxing experience. This bath bomb is supposed to be channeling cherry blossoms from which it has been named after. This is good for maybe a bath that you are sure isn't going to take a long while.

via Brazened Honey


via A Bellvue Collection

 Now this bad boy! This one was my favorite out of the two and the one I used first. After I dropped Fizzbanger into the tub, it fizzled but unlike Sakura this one started turning yellow then blue and then finally mixed into a green. My water was green and so green that I was smiling from ear to ear at how cool it was. Once it finished fizzing out, an adorable piece of paper floated out from it that said "BANG!" I loved that! Oh and the smell! It smelled like apple cinnamon mixed with lemon. Heavenly from the moment I got in til even hours after. In fact if I'm not mistaken, the smell lingered there for another day. I recommend this one much more than Sakura but different strokes for different folks. One thing's for sure, I'll be purchasing this one once again.

Majority of bath bombs surprise you with either pieces of seaweed, flower petals or even glitter. They can be messy at times depending on what you get, but so worth it.


If there is one thing that I am disappointed with the most out of my purchases, it would have to be Lush's Herbalism cleaner. I wanted it because my face and body has been producing so much oil lately so I wanted to curb that a bit. So when I saw that Herbalism helped out a lot of people that had the same problem, I was all for it. But it's not what I expected. The smell is not desirable to me though to some it might work out. But the worse part is how messy it is. If you are ok with all that and are needing some help with your skin problems then Herbalism is for you. Maybe when I spend a bit more time with it, I might see some real results.

If any of these sound interesting to you then do what I did and take a look at the website which you can get to from the logo up top. If anyone has had Lush products before, please let me know what you got and how it worked for you! I'm always up to getting new things from that store.

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Throwback Days: Sofia's First Birthday Cake

Sofia's birthday is coming up in two days and our little lady will crossover from two to three. can the twos already be gone? It feels like she just turned it yesterday! You know I had to look back on the days when she was an itty bitty in a normal motherly fashion and I found this little gem in my folder of endless photos and videos. Her first birthday cake and song. Aw...the feels.

Then I also found this as well...the digging into the sugar filled cake. That resulting diaper was a joy...*add sarcastic tone* But at least Sofi loved the taste of it. She's a cake fan just like her Mommy.

Aren't children's birthdays wonderful? I hope Sofia enjoys this year just as much.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

April 22nd Challenge Photos


Something Soft

Writer's Wednesday: Back in the Day...

Anybody that really knows who I am, knows that I love writing and have been doing it a long time. I plan on publishing a few but in the beginning I did it just for the fun of making up stories and fan fictions. To say I had a big imagination would be an understatement and now as I write more and more realistic stories, I shake my head when I think about my past tales. Some of them are pretty unique but some of them are just so far-fetched they'd never make it as real novels. If that wasn't it then my grammar and spelling filled up the rest.

Today, I'm going to share some of those ideas that I started to write. None have ever been finished but I'm glad that I at least started them because they were the stepping stones to helping me want to be coming a author.

1. Adventures of Tiffany and Kellie: I would say this was the first ever story I decided to write when I was eleven. I'm not sure about what the story was really about other than the girls being twins but I know I got the idea from reading Sweet Valley High books.

2. Tria: Whoo...this story right here would count as far-fetched and I probably wrote this one in 6th grade. It was about this girl named Tria who's world consisted of shapes. So much so that her full name was Triangular Gonzales (WHAT DA?) her father and mother was Rectangular and Cylinda (I CAN'T) and her sister was Prisma. I admit, this was a wacky idea of a story but I loved it back then.

3. The Cloud of the Prairie: My first real full story complete with chapters. Made while I was still in the 6th grade, I was a huge fan of my history class especially around the time when we talked about Native Americans. This story though full of mistakes was my first chance of making romance. A controversial piece in my life as some people including my mom thought that the kissing scenes were a bit much for somebody my age. The story revolved around the Cloud village where everybody and their mama had "cloud" in their name. Even the pet wolves :P

4. The Reign of Lions: Story based off of The Lion King. Nuff said.

5. My first real fan fiction was that of The Clan of the Cave Bear. Want to know the title of said story? Here it comes! From the Flowers in the Spring, the Sun in the Summer, the Leaves in the Autumn and the Frost in the Winter What a doozy right? Thank the Lord I didn't finish writing that, but my mom and I had a blast reading what I did have today.

6. Lightning in the Twilight/Star in the Storm:These were two stories revolving around horses and horse farms. I used to read a lot of the Thoroughbred series and was horse crazy back then. What got me though was the use of wacky names I had. For girl was Tayler Nicholle and the other was Sunstorm. I...I got nothing.

7. Indian Finders Series: This was my biggest story in my high school years and the first where I added myself and my best friend at the time, Quita. The gist of the story is that we found a time machine and went back in time finding ourselves living with Sioux. We pretty  much gave up our families and our lives to live where we had to skin buffalo. At least we got married to some pretty sexy men in that village.

8. Animalion: Yet another story with people in my life and myself. This time we were initiated into a gang. But the funny thing about the gang was the fact that each gang member had a name related to an animal. Mine was Lil Falcon. I know...tough as nails right?

9. The Chosen Ones Series: My very unique Harry Potter fan-fiction where my friends and I ended up having unique elemental powers and having to go off to Hogwarts to protect it while Harry searched for Voldemort. Yeah...way off canon, but one of my favorite stories to this day. Sometimes I still try to update it.

There are a few more, but I think you've caught the drift. I was a writing son of a gun and I laugh so hard when I read my old work. You would too if you did! But I have that wacky writing to thank for keeping me going and never letting me lose sight of my dream.

Monday, April 20, 2015

Majesty Monday #1

Here is the first Majesty Monday: a photographed recap of my weekend. It was a low key weekend full of relaxing but still worthy of capturing.

Sofia and Mom watching TV with the same expression

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