Saturday, March 21, 2015

My New Snugglens Camera Bag

Something Snapped Photography is getting on the way. So far...I have gotten two things:

1. My camera: A Nikon D3200 that I love to pieces but still have minimal experience in.

2. My flyers and my business cards that I have made on Vistaprint

Now I have a third item for my business- My new camera bag!

When I saw the Nikon camera bag that I had gotten in my package, I was okay with it, but I knew that I needed something that was more me, that I would be comfortable and happy lugging around while I do sessions. So while browsing around on Etsy I found a business called Snugglens Camera Bags that had a variety of different camera bags. They had different sizes and different material prints. So I kept looking until I found the one bag that made my heart sing: A purple beauty!

So...let's really talk about this bag: It's pretty spacious for a medium size with five inner compartments. There also two other pockets on the side for maybe your cell phone or any other things important to the photographer in you. The material is plush and soft almost like a pillow. So far when I saw it, I loved.

I also got a matching camera strap with the bag. Beautiful no? It took a minute for me to get it onto my camera, but it works for me. There is a pocket on the right side for your lens cap so you can quickly get it on and off between photos. I'm in love <3

Photo goodies include: telephoto lens/wide angle lens, adapter rings, Nikon D3200 with 18-55mm lens
Second Nikon lens (55-200mm), lens cleaning kit
This is what the bag looks like while filled with photography goodies. I put my spare battery and my business cards on the side. Whatever didn't fit that wasn't the most important, I put in my Nikon bag, but I was totally thrilled by what could get inside. I could have found something that really wasn't what I was looking for but I'm totally happy that I found this place on Etsy and I really recommend that all you photo happy moms or people go out and get one as well!

Official Snugglens photo of my purchase

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