Wednesday, March 11, 2015

My Journey With Blogging

Blogging. Blogging is something I can't go days without now before writing on. But years ago, before I had become pregnant with Sofia, I would have never thought to make a blog of my own. Which is strange considering that I'm a lover of all things that have to do with preserving memories. Scrapbooks, photo albums, baby books, books that you can document your life in. I even had a Livejournal that I used to write my life before Juan in. As you can see- I love all of it.

Journal writing in my mom's small but effective closet.

So how did this record of the Ortiz Kingdom come to life?

It was actually my mother that spurred me into making it. She had been looking for some extra money to make for herself and a company wanted her to blog. I had heard that she was blogging at the time, but I didn't really understand the concept of what was happening, but when I read her first blog: Tracy's Epiphany, I knew that I wanted to have one. To document this newly growing part of my life. I had just got married to El Rey about two weeks before and was four months preggers with La Princesa. I wasn't working and all I was doing at the time was making a human and writing my novels. So why not bring a blog into the mix?

With that "My Dreams of Light" was made. Honestly, I look at this title now and just snicker. What the hell was I thinking of when I made that the name of my blog? I was so young... anyways, I started off with just little posts here and there about my pregnancy and about marriage. I didn't understand what link-ups were at the time either but tried my hand at them. Everything about my blog in 2011 just screamed inexperience.

Then after Sofia was blog took a extended leave. Like a year long leave. I posted pictures from time to time, but there was no real posting...could you blame me? First time mama with a booby baby who loved to eat? Add that to a family who loved to see her every chance they could get so there was just time flying by and I was exhausted. I also didn't know that there were mamas with newborns that were so into their blogs that somehow they made time to write. I just didn't know about blogging all that well.

Fast forward to 2014...when I finally decided that I wanted to put a real effort into my blog. I think what got me started was reading the many blogs that I just started to love. I say 2014 because 2013 was my lazy year. I really knew that I could have done it, but it wasn't a priority as say photography and writing were. I changed the name of my blog to Ruling the Ortiz Kingdom because in my eyes, this is my life with the two people (add one mother) that I love. The blogs that I had favorited in my mind gave me the inspiration to keep writing about my own unique lifestyle. About the life I had living with my Mexican husband, our biracial daughter and my unique familia.

But I knew that it was much for than that. RTOK is a place where I can be myself, where I can learn and love myself more and where I can see the people who love me and make me whole. That is so special to don't even know.

Me...a work in progress.

Now that I have been spending more time blogging I have been learning so much. About what to blog, about how to get my blog out there. How to make blogging friends and how to make good pictures. I schedule posts now so I'm not so overwhelmed with blogging and all around...I'm just happy to write. I do like to make past posts for 2013 because it just seems so empty without it in my blog. Especially when  I have all of these posts!

ROTK can only get better with I expect thousands of followers? Probably not, but if it happens, it will be a blessing I will be so grateful for. But in the meantime, I'm going to keep blogging away. That will not change until my computer wears out on and even then you can't keep me away!

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