Sunday, March 1, 2015

Listing My Life- Pride Runs Deep

I'm me
I'm a mother
I'm creative
I can sing and well
I write novels
I have gotten married to a wonderful man
I love the Lord
I don't change myself for anybody
I'm compassionate
I'm determined
I went through labor and survived! (LOL)
I love family
I am wise
I respect my parents
I have traveled out of the country
I love kids
I graduated high school
I have learned to accept my grandmother's death
I have accepted that I have Aspergers when I didn't for years.
I'm starting to trust in my faith with the Lord
I can see good in both sides of an argument
I have accepted my younger sister
I have learned to live and accept my in-laws even through a language barrier
I have decided to make my own photography business
I have a great family
I am surviving depression
I have gone back to church

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