Sunday, March 22, 2015

Just a Nice Day With La Familia

Ever so often Juan, Sofia and I go to the other side of town to visit with his family. Sometimes it's just them two but other times I tag along. I like being at home but there are times where I love hanging with that side of the family. I love learning as I go along and I love eating their food. (Like seriously LOVE)

We went to Juan's tio and tia's house. Daniel and Martha sometimes have get-togethers at their house so it wasn't new. But before we went over there we stayed for a little while over at the in-laws house. It was a good time to get some cute pics of the littlest man of the family with my new camera. Chapito has gotten so big since he's been born and those cheeks are just to die for! I also got some of Bacon out in the backyard too

Finally we made it over to Daniel and Martha's house to eat and visit con familia. I instantly went to snapping pictures of them getting some good ones of Karina and Eva and others too. Sofia was in full diva mode and I no problems getting pictures of her. Almost too many actually. Between her and Chapito I don't even know how I have time to get pictures of others!

It was a good time as always. Many more where that came from for sure with mi familia around!

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